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To ensure the availability of consistent and reliable means of transportation for all residents and employees within Oneida County.

Committee Chair: Karen Korotzer, Oneida-Lewis ARC


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Oneida County is host to a diverse population of citizens with diverse needs and expectations. The Accessibility Committee examined current transportation uses and needs to enact positive change across travel experiences for drivers and non-drivers, including people with disabilities, high school students or limited English speakers. This committee has gathered data from targeted populations to inform transportation planning activities and projects, and support workforce needs.


  • Employer survey data analyzed; employee survey developed and ready for implementation to identify current and desired use of alternative modes and transportation program/service needs
  • Existing urban and rural walkability data gathered to inform pedestrian study based on existing and potential economic development opportunities


  • Align transportation programs/services with workforce needs; identify gaps and strategies to address gaps
    • Employee survey (transportation needs and interests)
    • Identify priority ADA needs/challenges to inform pedestrian study and complete streets policy

Accessibility Alternatives to Automobiles Connectivity