Alternatives to Automobiles

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To provide diverse and enhanced transportation modes to meet the needs of the expanding community and workforce.

Committee Chair: Mark Donovan, Boilermaker Roadrace


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Getting to and from work means more than hopping in the car. For some, getting to work means riding a bike or walking. The Alternative to Automobiles committee set out to identify multi-faceted transportation opportunities to address the needs of the community. Their efforts have already resulted in enhanced connectivity across our communities through the identification of collaborative opportunities to maximize smart growth.


  • Thirty new cycling routes (Bike Thru History) stemming from the Path Through History grant were completed along the canal with loops into communities
  • Transportation-related programs and services data/information provided for inclusion in the 2-1-1 system
  • WiFi access made available in Union Station; Centro stations to soon follow


  • Collaborate on the development of a County Complete Streets Policy
  • Encourage local municipalities to undertake a greenway plan to include prioritization of routes and designation of major and minor greenways to implement complete streets, and encourage transportation alternatives
  • Recommend and prioritize county trails to facilitate direction and momentum for connectivity and alternative transportation routes
  • Create wayfinding guidelines to establish continuity at the local level

Accessibility Alternatives to Automobiles Connectivity