Alternatives to Automobiles

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To provide diverse and enhanced transportation modes to meet the needs of the expanding community and workforce.

Committee Chair: Bethan Maher, Adirondack Scenic Railroad, Executive Director


David Amidon, Rome Main Streets
Matt Andrews, City of Rome
Kelly Blazosky, Oneida County Tourism
Michael Brown, Rome Main Streets
Ron Bucciero, Centro
Joe Caruso, WFB
Micah Colbert, VVS Middle School
Tanya Davis, Rome Clean and Green
Dale DeKing, Oneida County Association of Towns
Steven Derucher, Amtrak Station
Steve DiMeo, Mohawk Valley EDGE
Paul Evans, DOT Region 2 (Retired)
Megan Fraser, Utica Chamber of Commerce
Nancy Hampel, The Parkway Center
Sue Hudson, Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club, Inc.
John H. Johnsen, Utica College
Andrew Karas, City of Utica
Brian Mandryck, Lochner Engineering
Mary Beth McEwan, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Tim Reed, Boilermaker Road Race
Dave Short, City of Utica
Russell Stark, Oneida County Airport
Brian Thomas, City of Utica
Dennis Tuttle, The Parkway Center
Matt VanSlyke, Cycle Adirondacks
Ed Welsh, AAA Northeast
J. Caroline Williams, Cornell Cooperative Extension
F Andrew Wolfe, SUNY Poly

Click Here for PDF of the Vision 2020 Progress Report

For Oneida County to truly have an integrated multi-modal transportation system, the needs of all users must be addressed. From walking and biking, to using the canalway and rail system, all are important components of Oneida County’s transportation network.

The Alternatives to Automobiles committee is focusing on:

  • Alternative transportation strategies for urban and rural mobility in high-impact corridors to support workforce, distribution and logistics, and recreational/quality of life transportation needs
  • Incentives to encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation
  • Digital and traditional wayfinding strategies to streamline navigation and mobility

Accessibility Alternatives to Automobiles Connectivity