From the Co-Chairs

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In launching the Vision 2020 Initiative, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. brought together community leaders, workforce liaisons and key stakeholders to tackle a pressing question: How to best foster new growth opportunities and develop a skilled workforce in Oneida County?

With that “big” question came many little ones, such as: How do we prepare our students for high-tech emerging fields? How do we ensure that recent arrivals to our diverse community have access to education, adequate housing, and job opportunities? Once our skilled workers have jobs, how do we make sure that all of their transportation needs are met?

The partnership and collaborative spirit behind Vision 2020 has identified – and acted on – numerous opportunities to improve the lives of Oneida County residents. Our multi-faceted focus has resulted in initiatives and services aimed at bold, impactful change.

Volunteers have built on public/private partnerships to ensure the sustainability of Vision 2020 goals and initiatives within the community in focus areas, including education and training, access and opportunity, housing, and transportation.

We’ve seen the number of student internships rise and an increased number of degree programs in emerging fields, as well as studies dedicated to optimizing education opportunities for English language learners. Efforts to revitalize the housing stock and connect transportation pathways with cutting-edge technology are also being realized.

As co-chairs of this initiative, we are proud to share with you the many collaborative achievements made to date, as well as the path forward.


-Randy VanWagoner, President, Mohawk Valley Community College
& Dave Mathis, Director of Workforce Development, Oneida County

Randy VanWagoner

Dave Mathis
Dave Mathis