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To cultivate, attract and empower skilled workers, and foster an entrepreneurial spirit and the renewal of our communities.

Committee Chair: Howard Mettlemen, District Superintendent Sole Supervisory District of Oneida-Herkimer-Madison Counties


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New and emerging economic opportunities in Oneida County require a workforce pipeline of skilled and curious minds ready to take on new challenges. In a momentous start, the Workforce and Education committee brought together a group of key stakeholders made up of public and private educational institutions, private industry, community agencies, and government. Their efforts not only included identifying emerging career fields, but also worked collaboratively to ensure the education and attraction of a skilled workforce. Today, our students are participating in more internships than ever, colleges have developed programs to focus on new and emerging job markets, and a coordinated model for supporting community youth K-12 has been adopted in many districts throughout Oneida County.

Highlights of accomplishments:

  • 1,586 internships in the 2017-2018 school year – 20% increase from previous school year, and 278% increase since 2013
  • Advancement of existing and creation of new public/private
  • STEM hub to advance STEM education
  • New higher education programs (including unmanned aerial systems and expanded engineering)

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