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To meet the demands of a changing demographic associated with those employed by the nanotechnology industry.

Committee Chair: Ferris J. Betrus Jr., Executive Vice President,
Clinton Chamber of Commerce


Jack Endryck, Endryck Group Business Info., Executive Director
William Guglielmo, Rome Chamber of Commerce, President
John Kent, Oneida County, Program Director
Bob Lambe, Pres Services, Managing Partner
Luke Lewis, Lewis Custom Homes, Inc., Owner
Donald McHarris, McHarris Appraisal, Inc., Owner
Mark Mojave, Gerber’s 1933 Tavern, Owner
Dominick Pavia, Pavia Real Estate, President
Brian Thomas, City of Utica Planning Dept., Commissioner/Director
Larry Daniello, City of Rome, Chief of Staff
Jackie Izzo, Mayor of Rome, Mayor
Plus Task Force partners across our community…

Click Here for PDF of the Vision 2020 Progress Report

The Housing committee evaluates housing needs for strategic and focused advancements in relation to our new and emerging workforce.

2014-2015 Highlights:

2016 Action Items:

Access to Opportunity Housing Workforce & Education

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