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The sets were three-car diesel-electric multiple units, based on a more modern British design, with air-operated sliding doors. But it does mean I am reliant on Google and when problems occur there might not be a quick fix. In 1920, both the route length (3,442 miles, 5,540km [Railway Magazine, May 1958]) and the traffic levels carried were at their peak, but competition from road traffic began to make inroads into railway traffic from the 1920s. The application defaults to the OSNI Basemap, which is generated using a range of OSNI map products such as 1:50,000 Vector and Largescale data. What do the colours mean? The Help widgethas a guide on how to use the PRONI Historical Maps viewer and a link to a PDF version of this guidance which can be downloaded for reference. "While there are many people who would like to see the network extended, especially where there is a clear demand from the community, there's still an awful lot of work to get the existing network back up to full capacity," he said. Please include my copyright statement (as shown at the bottom of the page) in any image, and please provide a reference back to RailMapOnline. BREL built nine 450 Class sets on former Mark 1 underframes between 1985 and 1987. There are also some security constraints imposed by Google that may stop access from far-eastern internet providers or known spam-servers. Dublin - Belfast Train. [12], NIR retained one Class 80 unit (three power cars and two driving trailers) as its sandite train during the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 leaf fall seasons. The 1950 closures were the first steps in a plan which was to see the reduction of the Northern Ireland's railway network from 754 miles to 297 miles, a decrease of 61 per cent. 50 years of NI Railways is celebrated in April with a steam train (No.131) from Great Victoria Street to Whitehead. GNR (I) - Harmonstown Station opens (1957) Watch on. Canadian Northern Railway - 1930. [21] Following completion of this, as part of its long-term investment programme for NIR Translink conducted a "Strategic Rail Review" in 2004, an independent review of rail services to determine its funding request under the Comprehensive Spending Review. [10], In 20182019, NIR recorded 15.8million passenger journeys, the largest in the company's 50-year history. The IRRS Youtube Channel features over 20 archival films of Irish railways recorded by enthusiasts during the 1950s to 1990s. Closure of the last public narrow gauge railway, the West Clare Railway, by now part of the CI system. as part of the wider upgrade of the rail route to Derry, for a railway station connecting to City of Derry Airport, which is close to the railway line. [7] Twenty, three-car units have been specified with an option to purchase an additional 20 vehicles, allowing the units to be lengthened to six cars. How accurate is the map? Free shipping for many products! 6502 documents 9205 accidents Updated 1st Mar. "Partition disrupted trade on many natural routes, Donegal and Sligo to Londonderry for instance," he said. CI closed the tramway about a year later. Signal boxes and station features arent currently included. Basically, Google renders the railway/canal maps and displays them in your browser as square tiles. Don't include any personal or financial information, for example National Insurance, credit card numbers, or phone numbers. Labels, Features All railway companies wholly within the Irish Free State grouped into Great Southern Railways. The Partition of Ireland in 1921 created a border through the GNRI's territory. Current View, Stations [47], One of the major projects instigated by Translink was "New Trains Two" (formerly "New Trains 2010"), which saw the purchase of a new batch of rolling stock. It previously passed through Castlewellan, Saintfield, Dundrum and branched off at Downpatrick for Ardglass. Comments or queries about the Blue Badge scheme can be emailed to or you can also call 0300 200 7818. [3] Absolutely Im always interested in feedback. [16], In 2007, NIR announced plans to purchase up to 20 trains under its "New Trains 2010" proposal following the confirmation of its expected budget. The Basemap Gallery widget allows you to choose from a selection of four basemaps. This can lead to widespread disruption across the network and potentially a huge loss in revenue. [citation needed] Large investment was made in diesel locomotives and railcars and new carriages in the Republic, with Inchicore (the main CI works) working at full capacity for many years. I aim to always keep RailMapOnline advert-free. Yes, please let me know by Email with as much detail as you can provide and Ill endeavour to change the map. Train time: 2 hrs 15 min. It was built to the possibly unique gauge of 6ft 2in (1880mm), and was extended at this gauge over the next few years to Portadown. Some areas, particularly in the US remain approximate, but I do try and refresh areas periodically. Most services in the Republic were locomotive-hauled (up to the 2000s) but are now too virtually all railcars. Closely related to the other LMS 2-6-4Ts, the Ivatt designed 'WT' engines nevertheless exhibited many differences. Transporting goods by road became an appealing proposition for businesses and companies began using their own vehicles rather than loading goods on and off trains. NIR jointly runs the Enterprise train service between Belfast and Dublin with Iarnrd ireann. You need to be using the secure site (HTTPS), have switched on your device's location, and your browser may also require you to provide permission for the webpage to know your location. Amalgamation of Great Southern Railways with road transport concerns and Dublin tram companies to form Cras Iompair ireann (CI) = the Irish Transport Company. [27], In May 2008, the Regional Development Minister announced that his department would commission a study, in conjunction with Donegal County Council, to investigate the effects a resurrection of railway services in the north-west of Ireland with a long-term projection of building a railway line connecting Londonderry with Sligo through County Donegal. More than 750 miles of track once linked towns and communities in every county, but. The route was also included in a wider study of the development of the Northern Rail Corridor published at the end of 2009[41], The Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015 identifies the need to improve transport links to George Best Belfast City Airport from the city centre. Maps - Group 2 (PDF) Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway - 1930. In 1923, the Keady - Castleblayney line in Co. Armagh was closed after only 10 years open to traffic, and by the early 1930s a number of rural lines had followed into oblivion, mostly in the south and west. I also make use of information in Wikipedia, forums and other websites, and will try and link to them from the map. [4] The Downpatrick & County Down Railway also has an example of a third-class GNR six-wheeled carriage, in an unrestored condition.[5]. All time periods, at once, on the same map. They would have required significant modification to enable NIR to use them, including conversion from standard gauge to Irish gauge. The viewer displays county, parish and townland boundaries and includes information on sites, buildings and landmarks of historical interest. When searching for stations I suggest you use the * wildcard at the beginning of your search term to take account of different names. UK Railways: Exeter redrawn, including corrections to the tram routes. NIR's last steam locomotives were withdrawn in 1970. Please provide references to source documents or maps if able, but local knowledge is also appreciated. The UK map is mostly finished, although theres always room for improvement. Station names change a lot, so Ive tried to include text that represents all the variations. This proposes the return of the network to several towns that have not had access to rail services for many years; the main part of the proposal would see the Londonderry-Portadown line re-opened, which would link Omagh, Strabane and Dungannon, with branches to Enniskillen and Armagh. Comments or queries about angling can be emailed to If it runs on rails and you can ride it then I want to include it. Unfortunately I can't promise any additional services in return for a donation. This might not correct until the next day. In an attempt at fairness, all classes of locomotive and rolling stock were also divided equally between the transport operators of the two new owners. My original aim was to help identify tracks when out exploring the landscape. [3] For the US railroad map, the colour identifies the company that built the line. I normally try and respond within a couple of weeks, but if the workload is heavy or I'm on hols it may take me longer. You can browse the map or navigate to a particular area by using the plus and minus buttons on the application; using the rollerball on your mouse, or by 'clicking and dragging' using your mouse. Amalgamation of the Boards of Directors of NIR and Ulsterbus/Citybus, under a new company name, Translink. The railways became the Northern Ireland Railways system. Renamed as "New Trains Two", this project went out to tender in late 2007. Distance: 180 km/112 mi. Steam lingered on in the form of a remaining few ex-NCC "WT" class 2-6-4T locomotives until 1970, when the last two were withdrawn. Can I give you money to contribute to the running costs? The delivery of the new carriages - made by Spanish train manufacturer, Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) - marks a major step in . One example is preserved on the Downpatrick & County Down Railway. [30], On 21 November 2007, the Regional Development Minister announced that the investment strategy being considered by the NI Executive included the relaying of the Belfast-Londonderry line north of Coleraine, planned to include new signalling and a new crossing loop, allowing more trains. Unfortunately, you might have to clear your browser cache to force Google to provide the tiles again. The power cars had an English Electric 4SRKT engine recovered from former 70 Class units (except 459, which used the engine recovered from 80 Class power car 88) and had two English Electric 538 traction motors. The railway maps are produced by me (Matthew) as a hobby, as is the website, so please bear with me if there are errors on the map or issues with the site as I try to produce updates. Mr Gardiner said it would be unrealistic for residents of every town in Northern Ireland to have easy access to rail in the future, but believes there is some optimism to be drawn from DfI and the Irish Department of Transport working together on the current all-Ireland review. Mr Hobbs said there are very few areas in Northern Ireland that could not accommodate both a railway track and an adjacent greenway. Today, the GNR routes remaining consist of the main line from Dublin to Belfast, the Howth branch, electrified for Dublin commuter services since 1984, the Drogheda - Navan (Tara Mines) line, which carries only freight traffic associated with that mine, passenger traffic having ceased with the closure of the line beyond there to Oldcastle in 1963, and the Lisburn to Antrim branch, now mothballed but retained in operational order for the time being. "People say there are no rail connections at any of our airports," he said. [33] As part of this plan, Translink envisages an hourly service to Londonderry, half-hourly to Ballymena. Find summary guidance on using theapplication below, oropen the 'Help' widget in the Historical Maps viewer for a detailed description of to use the various functions. Closure of Portadown-Derry and Goraghwood-Warrenpoint, leaving the north-west of Ireland without railways. An inset in the lower right hand corner shows the fortification of Fort Mount Norris. Check back regularly for updates, or follow us on Twitter or Mastodon, If you enjoy the map and would like to help with the running costs, consider donating at Ko-fi, Email us with suggestions, corrections and feedback, ©2023 The UTA was split into rail and road operations in 1967, and the rail operations were taken over by the present company Northern Ireland Railways (NIR). and underground mine railways (too difficult!) However, none of these enhancements are programmed to go to planning over the course of the next decade as of early 2013. some of the map features may be disabled at times of low donations to help reduce costs, with a Google Maps error message displayed, map tiles not appearing and StreetView being unavailable - sorry. The accuracy of the position depends on your device's capability and whether services like GPS are available. Prior to the major relaying of the Coleraine-Londonderry section, 12million was spent on improving the section between Ballymena and Coleraine. However, the Government has determined that the number of passengers using the airport is not sufficient to justify a station. [25] The specification given by the DRD stated that the new trains are to provide both inner and outer suburban commuter services and express services between Belfast and Dublin. Rodney Edwards. A tragedy which took place 70 years ago has also largely been. By 1960, main line trains were almost entirely dieselised, leaving steam on secondary duties and freight traffic. Some of Northern Ireland's abandoned rail network has been absorbed by its surroundings, overgrown almost beyond recognition. Both Governments appoint the members of the Board, the GNR (Board) taking over from GNR (Ireland). Formation of County Donegal Railways Joint Committee by the GNR(I) and MRNCC. For those that only need modern railway data then Open Street Map data is freely available (Geofabrik) and you can download and display the data in GIS software such as Google Earth. A new review into an all-Ireland rail network was announced in April to look at the possibility of reviving the golden age of rail travel. The Transport Act (Northern Ireland) 1948 created the Ulster Transport Authority (UTA), which took over the BCDR later that year, followed by the NCC in 1949 as a result of the Ireland Act 1949. A plan was mooted to use it on the Lisburn-Antrim line to prevent it from being closed. What railways are depicted? Please upgrade to a modern browser if youre still using IE! Let others know about this website by emailing a friend, or share us on Twitter. In Dundalk at the GNR Works the railway engineers developed railbuses for use on sections of the rural network. Can I have a copy of the map and its source data? The Government of Northern Ireland, which had a very anti-rail policy, rapidly closed most of the GNR(I) lines in Northern Ireland. Currently only the UK railway and canal map have features, and more are being added all the time. 1938 built dining car No.88 still sees use as part of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland's Dublin-based "heritage set" of coaches. I realise that can result in a very busy map, but unfortunately I didnt think of that when I started! Intended for loco hauled Enterprise services. The Modern Rly layer is based on OpenStreetMap data. There are a number of historic buildings built by the GNRI such as Lisburn and Dundalk. The governments of Ireland and Northern Ireland jointly nationalised the company in 1953, and the company was liquidated in 1958: assets were split on national lines between the Ulster Transport Authority and Cras Iompair ireann. The line is maintained both for crew training and as a diversionary route, and passes close to Belfast International Airport at Aldergrove. This class has been compared with another notable V class, that introduced by the Southern Railway in England in 1930. [45], There have also been calls,[who?] Can you fix an error on the Modern Rly layer? VideoRussian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims, The children left behind in Cuba's mass exodus, Xi Jinping's power grab - and why it matters, Snow, Fire and Lights: Photos of the Week. Cobh in County Cork. No main line diesel locomotives had been acquired at all, and practically all passenger trains were railcar formations. BREL built these units between 1974 and 1977 to British Rail's Mark 2 design with some trailer cars rebuilt from hauled stock. For queries or advice about rates, email Later the company adopted its famous pale blue livery for locomotives (from 1932), with the frames and running gear picked out in scarlet. Ireland's first railway opened, from Dublin - Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire). This is a due to a time-delay in the map being sent from my webhost to Google. The viewer displays county, parish and townland. There are some compromises with such a big map: Small private owner sidings are coloured for the track they join to. Takes over LMS and GNR bus services within Northern Ireland. [46], Although the introduction of the Class 3000 trains was a success, they were a like-for-like replacement for the Class 80 units rather than an expansion of the fleet. Minnesota Railroads - 1930. [43][44] The pressure group Rail 21 has stated that the Tillysburn proposal is insufficient for what the new station is expected to provide a link to the airport, transport provision for Holywood Exchange and a park and ride facility. The link to the route map can be seen on Translink Website. [35], Further plans are afoot to double the track from Monkstown to Templepatrick, to further increase capacity on the Londonderry line. Ireland Maps of Railways A selection of maps of Ireland displaying the railway network as it developed in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Lisburn-Antrim railway line is still maintained, and occasional crew training operations are performed. Funds are currently running low, so any contribution you could make would help run the website now and into the future. However, if you have interest in data for a specific small area then I might be able to help. But why did Northern Ireland's rail network disappear in the first place? However, as it's just me then dont be offended if I cant incorporate your ideas. City Hospital, Botanic, Belfast Lanyon Place, Yorkgate, Whiteabbey (limited), Reopening of existing but closed infrastructure, notably the, Improvement of the infrastructure on the Belfast-Londonderry line through, at the very least, the installation of, This page was last edited on 26 February 2023, at 03:22. Long story short I created this map of old and current routes to satisfy my curiosity. At conservative gathering, Trump is still the favourite. Why is part of the map (a whole region) missing? The Modern Rly layer is a direct copy of freely available OpenStreetMap data, and I make a new copy about once per year. [citation needed], Translink have plans to introduce a new ticketing system in 2018 similar to the system utilised by Irish Rail. Three four-car Class 80 units were refurbished and a number of locomotives and coaches were converted to push-pull operation with the addition of the DBSO obtained from 'one', to ensure that passenger rolling stock levels were maintained up to the introduction of new rolling stock in 2011 and 2012. Includes the new Belfast Central Station. For queries or advice about Child Maintenance, contact the Child Maintenance Service. In 1958, the GNRI was dissolved and its lines north of the border were also taken over by the UTA. In May 1958, the Government of Northern Ireland's wish to close many lines led to the GNR(I) Board being dissolved and the assets divided between the two territories. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. For queries or advice about passports, contactHM Passport Office. In the early 20th century increasing traffic led the GNRI to consider introducing larger locomotives. As part of this, NI Railways will begin a process to purchase new rolling stock from 2026 to 2027. Instead it proposes a dedicated airport station, similar to Glasgow Prestwick Airport, connected directly to the terminal, with Tillysburn half a mile away serving Holywood Exchange, instead of Tillysburn providing the link to the airport. Sometimes there is a delay between Google requesting the map and my webhost responding, and Google times out. Takeover of LMS NCC by British Transport Commission through Railway Executive (NCC) on 1. The Irish Railway System Ireland now has some 2,300km of public railways, all 1,600mm (5'3") gauge (the distance between the rails). A 1904 Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram showing (top left) railways in the vicinity of Moneymore References [ edit] Mr Gardiner said a good starting point would be to reverse some of the damage already inflicted on Northern Ireland's railways. There was a time when almost everyone in Northern Ireland lived within five miles of a railway station. NIR is a subsidiary of Translink, whose parent company is the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHCo), and is one of seven publicly owned train operators in the United Kingdom, the others being Direct Rail Services, Northern Trains, Transport for Wales Rail, Southeastern, LNER, and ScotRail. He said: "It's the first time since partition that there's been a holistic, governmental look at what we have in terms of rail across the island of Ireland. Video, Russian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims, A new review into an all-Ireland rail network, AOC under investigation for Met Gala dress, Mother who killed her five children euthanised, Alex Murdaugh's legal troubles are far from over, The children left behind in Cuba's exodus, Biden had skin cancer lesion removed - White House, US sues Exxon over nooses found at Louisiana plant. Ireland now has some 2,300km of public railways, all 1,600mm (5'3") gauge (the distance between the rails). The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Northern Ireland Railway Map (Old Routes) : r/northernireland by geeNICK Northern Ireland Railway Map (Old Routes) I recently got interested in the old railway network in Northern Ireland but had difficulty finding any detailed maps of where the tracks used to be. The Northern Ireland Railways network consists of approximately 220 route miles. Power cars named after Northern Ireland castles. This saw projects including the purchase of the 3000 Class trains, the complete relaying of the Belfast-Larne line and the construction of a new maintenance depot. In the early 1980s, NIR purchased one of the prototype LEV Railbuses built to test the railbus concept. On this day, January 15 1950, railway stations south of Comber fell quiet and an eerie silence descended upon mile after mile. A combination of the increasing road competition facing all railways and a change in patterns of economic activity caused by the Partition of Ireland reduced the GNRI's prosperity. Engines recovered for use in 450 Class units. To enable NIR to maintain its levels of service, it upgraded some of its older rolling stock. What stations are included? On 12 June 1889, a significant rail accident occurred when a passenger train stalled between Armagh and Newry. However, the lifting shop in the GNRI Dundalk works was too short to build or overhaul a 4-6-0, so the company persisted with 4-4-0 locomotives for even the heaviest and fastest passenger trains. Most of the system carries passengers predominantly, and freight traffic is light by international standards. [17] The first units were delivered in March 2011, with entry into service in September 2011[18], In December 2018, NIR, announced that 21 additional carriages would be purchased from CAF at the cost of 50million, via an option in the existing Class 4000 train procurement contract. NIR operates regular passenger trains along the following routes during the weekday inter-peak: Following the re-opening of the 15-mile (24km) Antrim Bleach Green line in June 2001,[19] which had been closed since 1978, NIR ceased passenger operations between Lisburn and Antrim on 29 June 2003. Industry, Narrow Gauge Email us with feedback on the map content, or comments on the website. Learn More. Many small industrial tramways are all coloured the same rather than being individually identified. All of the notable Midwestern granger lines served Wisconsin but three in particular stand out; the Milwaukee Road, Soo Line, and Chicago & North Western. Only first 1000 places shown, and first 100 labels. The Railway Commissioners were responsible for the assessment of a railway network for Ireland and reported in 1838 with a significant range of information. Historic Tramways. [7] Additionally, NIR has purchased 23 new carriages, via an option in the existing Class 4000 train procurement contract, these are to be used to extend Seven trains from three cars to six cars,which will add much more capacity and will also allow only one guard to be needed on a six-car train, which required two before. This was not eased until 1947 when customs and immigration facilities for DublinBelfast expresses were opened at Dublin Amiens Street and Belfast Great Victoria Street stations. The GNRI's other main lines were between Derry and Dundalk and between Omagh and Portadown. Sometimes I cant respond because mail servers and spam-filters result in a block., Call 0800 587 0912Email, Contact your local Jobs & Benefits office. Northern Ireland Road Transport Board formed. unless I decide to include them. In 2011, a former GNR Signal Cabin from Bundoran Junction arrived at the Downpatrick and County Down Railway. Northern Ireland Railways NIR Railway Network. Yes. The total cost was 64million, and began in 2011, lasting five years. Can I email you? If you spot a missing legend entry on the maps then please let me know it should be complete! Im currently restricting access via the website itself, so no source data is publicly available (I may make it available to buy in the future). This report determined that so-called "lesser used lines" were an important and economically viable part of the total network, and that investment should be consistent rather than in the "stop-go" manner of previous years.[22].

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