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Category:Bowers Mansion (Palestine, Texas) From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Jump to navigationJump to search Media in category "Bowers Mansion (Palestine, Texas)" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. hunting bug!!! Rooms and you guys didn't disappoint us. We had a blast!! Bowers Mansion 301 S. Magnolia St., Palestine, TX, USA Latitude & Longitude: 31 45' 37.4976", -95 37' 57.5976" Texas State Historical Marker Originally house of merchant Henry Ash; built 1878; bought 1884 by Andrew L. and Nellie O'Connell Bowers, who had architect-builder W. W. Wainright add cupola, gazebo, circular galleries after 1886. Search for: Archives I did not see, hear, feel, or get touched by a ghost BUT it was super fun having access the Bowers mansion and the surrounding grounds. We enjoy their events at our location! Everyone on. Highly recommend this group if youre interested in reaching out to the other side but dont know how or where to start. I experienced moving cold spots that gave me goosebumps I tried the Estes method and I heard voices of lost loved ones I will be going on more events with these guys , I've been on several ghost hunts with Haunted Rooms America, and it is always an experience! My husband and I had a really great experience at Miss Mollys! Great night i think everyone there was impressed with the tour group! They all were very professional and informative. Sam & Mike. We did have contact using dowsing rods. Joseph was a very gracious host. It was a fun eventful evening! Thank you so much. I had a lovely time at Edinburgh Manor last night. You will be amazed! Event Time: 8PM - 2AM Would highly recommend a tour, the staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and over all very nice to everyone. The oldest parts of the house date back to 1878 and display Victorian Italianate elements. Good Job guys! Thanks for the experience! SHARES. The two gentleman that were our guides for the evening Patrick and David were just as knowledgeable and made sure that we were well taken care of the whole time we were there. I, highly recommend you take a tour with them! She is a wealth of knowledge and really made a lasting impression! (function(d, sc, u) { Enjoyed the snacks, drinks and the use of their. can't wait, We did the ghost hunt at the Masonic Temple in Salina, KS. Always willing to answer questions or teach you about equipment. Thank You, Our experience at the Octagon House in Wytheville, Virginia was good on many levels due to our fabulous guides and. Everyone took time to explain the equipment and various methods of investigating. love Sam and Mike and. Join Haunted Rooms America as we try and communicate with the spirits that are waiting to share their story with you! I highly recommend joining a ghost hunt with Haunted Rooms America! I will definatly go to another hunt. Other than that, just yourself and an open mind! was off the charts. I enjoyed the fact that we were given a little bit of history and actually shown different techniques to find spirits. it was very interesting and very informative had a great time. Cant wait to do another one! However sometimes a Medium(s) may not always be present but as usual, you will be in very safe hands with our experienced Hosts who have a wealth of knowledge and are fully trained in all aspects of professional public ghost hunting events and experience nights. Anyone on the fence about doing an investigation should go through this company. places in America, but you have the chance to interact with the supernatural world. I'd never experienced a. ghost hunt before! It will not disappoint!! The investigators were knowledgeable and friendly. Your proof of bookingis your booking confirmation email. doing another investigation with them. Mike and Sam were awesome teachers and I learned about the Witching Wands, aka dowsing rods. through our own individual sensitivities that night. in a lifetime! back to her Texas roots . Mike and Sam made. Had the time of my life at OP Pyle House with the team! These investigators know their stuff! For just $89 per person, you can join this brave group as they engage in an all-night investigation of what many consider to be one of the most haunted places in East Texas--the historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine. all you non, believers out there,this may be what you need to change your minds. David Joel is very entertaining great sense of humor very very thorough very. professional and informed the team was.we both were touched on the second floor and my spouse caught a few pics I'm still going over our video and audio and other pics but again we enjoyed learning more and being able to use the special tools.the snacks were wonderful and I especially loved the interaction I and my spirit guide had with the child he was alittle intimated by the spirits in the basement and they keep calling his name Robert says hello and that next time he will be more opted to be more helpful. So far Ive had 2 investigations with this group, and they are hands down legit, and experienced. started. Randy, So acitve. Rooms Team was amazing!!! The investigators were all super helpful and really nice and personable. time to actually talk to you and get to know you. We will totally be going through this company again. They educated us on the equipment, the background of the hospital. The Historic Bowers Mansion, Palestine, Texas. And absolutely intrigued by the Estes Method that Sam and Jenna did, it left me speechless more than once. Visited Edinburgh Manor for a honeymoon gift. We recently visited the Anson Opera House. 11-6-2021 ghost hunt at the Octagon in Wytheville VA. My daughter and I had an amazing time and we would definitely, love to do it again!! They led us through the guided part of the tour so well and. The crew was full of knowledge knew what they were doin and worked very well together. They have equipment, not for just 1 person in the group, but for everyone in the group. It was so exciting. Samantha and Mike were amazing. spirit box sessions were amazing! We found just the thing for you close to home in Palestine, Texas coming up on July 30. Mike and Sam showed us how the Estes Method worked and then gave us all the option to experience it for ourselves. The facility itself was interesting and has a lot of history. Me and My daughter had a great and creepy adventure . The whole experience was 10/10! Weve done two different locations with HRA and cant wait to do more. Andrew Lawrence Bowers, age 64 years, 11 months, 17 days, of 301 S. Magnolia St., Palestine, Texas died June 6, 1956 at his residence from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Bowers Mansion 4005 Bowers Mansion Road, Washoe Valley, NV 89704 (775) 849-0201 Hours & Admission Visit Website Nestled on the northern end of Washoe Valley, discover Bowers Mansiona historical site built in 1863 by Lemuel "Sandy" Bowers and his wife, Eilley. excitement. As always, Mike and Sam are amazing and know there stuff!! Happy haunting! I suggest if. Taking someone elses information & trying to make it your own, you should be ashamed! My friends and i investigated Yorktown Memorial Hospital on Sept. 5th, this was the first time for us using Haunted. My first hunt and unfamiliar with paranormal things, and they explained everything and had activities that were fun and interactive. Each investigator took the time to explain their equipment and different ways of investigating. we went to the 1870 octagon mansion ghost hunt and sleepover September 26 2020 in wytheville va. We had a really great. Thanks, This was my first experience on any kind of investigation and I had an amazing time! We will definitely be booking more investigations with Haunted Rooms America in the future! I will just say that I had to leave early due to my sudden drain of energy. Tours are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Thank you so much!!! Ive been to a couple of different sessions and have enjoyed myself each time. I was super disappointed. I cant wait to see them, What a wonderful experience!! A friend and I went to the Old Fort Wolter Army Hospital last night. We do not perform tricks and will not be running around with sheets on our heads! the entire experience was fasinating! Will definitely do another tour with them! Jen made me feel at ease. Check Haunted Rooms America, you wont be disappointed. The guide were very informative and we saw many scary, We had such a great time on the Palestine museum investigation. The staff has been awesome! We had fun exploring the Museum in Palestine, Tx. This is my first ghost hunt and I had an absolute was really cool to personally try some of the equipment. Thanks Jen and Kat for letting us follow you around while you listened to the spirit boxes. wrong. We had so much fun exploring and laughing our butts off after Shelly fell off her chair into water!! Didnt get the full. Chris, are you sure you dont want to go in that bathroom??!! Weve always been a fan of ghosts and. Had an amazing time. Another great time with Samantha, Mike and the team at Beattie Mansion. I would book with them again! One of the finest is the Bowers Mansion, which began as the showplace home of the wealthy elite and became a shared home for all Nevadans to enjoy. Along with the original structure, the Bowers Mansion is surrounded by its original outbuildings like the carriage house and the gazebo, a rarity in Palestine. A satisfyingly scary experience! If you have the opportunity to do this, I strongly recommend it. Had a great experience at Ashmore Estates. loved the experience at Ashmore Estate. Mike and Sam were great hosts while we were at the Hotel Josephine. very personable and knowledgeable, My husband and I had a great experience at the LeBold Mansion. Thank you for a great time at the Beattie Mansion in St Joseph, Missouri. Everything was organized. One moment In particular is when we were walking down from the second story to the first we heard a loud scream from behind us and we were the last group to come down!!! Will definitely be doing this with them again. Youll learn the history, learn the techniques we use, get detailed info on the ghosts that haunt here, and youll have a great time investigating with us in this huge and very haunted location! Between my wife and I, we have spent $400 with this agency, this month alone. We had such a great night tonight at White Rock Lake! We were instantly comforted by Mike, one of our guides who was very knowledgeable and accommodating by sharing his stories about previous experiences and preluding introductions to the other members of the team. I had an amazing time.i felt as though the investagators were very knowledgeable .I enjoyed learning about different, Our first ghost hunt and we absolutely loved it! They explained everything and answered questions. Cat was my favorite guide! Use of our equipment which includes but isnt limited to, dowsing rods, voice recorders, trigger objects and EMF Meters. Haunted Rooms America is very well organized with a great staff! I would totally recommend this even to non believers. Thank you so much! Went to the McInteer Villa for my first. Ended up leaving early because I was legitimately over the bull crap!! I am not a ghost hunter, don't watch or listen to any programs. experienced. This is a life experience that's so interesting and unique. I've never been on a tour but I've seen the events posted. Thank you for your quick response to a sticky situation. We will DEFINITELY join you again, on many more hunts! Looking forward to our other events with you guys! We did the ghost hunt at Vaile mansion!!!! that I've seen used by the teams on television.Samantha and Mike are great and I will definitely be booking again! helpful and answered everyones questions as best they could. Mike and Samantha are awesome so was Tom and kj they was very friendly I loved listening to all of Mike's story's well, everyone's its definitely worth the money and I plan to go to more. Bowers Mansion Palestine Texas-Built 1878, and located just a stone's throw away from downtown Palestine TX, lies one of the city's most historic and infamous mansions. able to use the equipment, tour with the guide and also on our own. Mike and Samantha were wonderful. I would definitely come back ! group within an hour. I was really scared leading up to. watching Sam do the Estes method was so cool! Thank you guys. I cannot wait to do it again! We. This was our first paranormal investigation and we ended up being gifted with two sites due to Covid-19, the John Wornall and Alexander Majors homes. Thankyou and Godbless, you all are awesome !!!!! this place is great shelly and Andy where awesone hosts. shelly busted her butt it was amazing this place has alot, My wife, in-laws, and I had a blast this past weekend at the East Texas Museum in Palestine! Keep up the good work!!!! 9/25 Paranormal investigation at The Octagonal MansionWytheville,VA. we will definitely try more tours!! Shelly & Gypsy were awesome. I learned much from them and Im ready for another experience. Best idea ever! I recommend going through, This experience at Cheney Mansion was great. My husband and I had a great time at the Nutt House hotel, Shelly was wonderful, she was very informative and. Back in the 1950's the then-owner Mr. Bowers, murdered his wife Mary. Teresa Smith, I would like to say this group of people aren't only good at what they do but very friendly staff. Something completely unexpected happened, but it was quickly and professionally handled. Shelly was our guide/cordinator during our most recent trip. The investigators were knowledgeable and had a wide variety of equipment for us to use along to purchase if we wanted. I look forward to hanging out with them and I. It is not overwhelming crowded and the group sizes are perfect. The Redlands Hotel. Cant wait to go back! Unless it is otherwise stated, events dont include sleepover. Would recommend it to anyone! Full non-restricted access to this historic building! We had a great time. It was one leaders 3 time and the other's 2 time leading events. So much fun! The only gripe I have was that there were no signs or anyone to guide us into the event, other than that we highly recomend them and look forward to our next. Awesome group! The build was spooky-looking before. I attended the event at the mineral wells cottage and. I was one, I love the KY dude he is the best investigator ever he is so knowledgeable and helps everyone else out . Spent time with. })(document, 'script', '//'); Hill House Manor Ghost Hunt, Gainesville, TX, Abandoned Beach Army Hospital Ghost Hunt, Mineral Wells, Texas, Kell House Museum Ghost Hunt, Wichita Falls TX, Historic Old Town Coldspring & San Jacinto Jail Ghost Hunt, Coldspring TX. He was born June 23, 1891 in Texas, the son of A.L. They kind of told the story of the lady of the lake, but there was no attempt to set the scene or build suspense or anything. The Haunted Rooms America staff was awesome!!! Mike and Sam were great about showing us all the equipment and explaining how it worked and letting us use some of it. informative! the things that go bump in the night. Everyone was just so nice and inclusive. The crew made my first experience exciting and very memorable. I will definitely be looking at. I highly recommend booking with Haunted Rooms. Just came back from an investigation at The McInteer Villa. Never been on one would love too go on one. Bowers Mansion Ghost Hunt Date: Jan 21 - Dec 17, 2022 Time: 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM 140 + Year Old Mansion - Death, Murder, and Suicide! The snacks and drinks were really good! Bowers was superintendent of bridges and buildings for the I. Love the people, and my experience. Would definitely recommend them!! Shelly and Ryan were both. David started with covering rules and discussing the history of the house. they explained every tool they were using and let us try them out also! I cant wait to do another event! The Haunted rooms investigators were so awesome!! Please leave your valid email address below. Open to share their experiences and guide us. Was the best experience for my first time. If youve got the time and the $ (which to me is great prices) definitely go! 400 N Queen St, Suite 108, Palestine, TX 75801. Mike and Sam were very. I will for sure do this again!!! try out their equipment and being patient with us. Shelly shared photos and stories of her experiences with us. I drive over 9 hours to get to Kansas and was not disappointed. B, David, Angela and of course, sweet Alice have a great thing going on! I love. The Historic Bowers Mansion, Palestine, TX ===== Built 1878, and located just a stone's throw away from downtown . awesome and made it relaxed and fun. Mike and Sam, and other guests were fun, entertaining, very engaging and gave us alot if chuckles. Looking forward to booking another event with them soon. I highly recommend Haunted Rooms America!! Very good entertainment overall! Sam & Mike are so down to earth and simply awesome. Had a great experience although I do wish the groups were smaller and the investigator stays with the same group all, everyonewas great. A life of financial fortune and personal tragedy set the stage for the many reported hauntings in the mansion and on the grounds. They have extensive knowledge and experience with the use of various equipment and are very well trained. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience!! Always a great time ghost hunting with the awesome guides and their equipment! We went through the Masonic Temple with Sam and Mike. Built 1878, and located just a stone's throw away from downtown Palestine TX, lies one of the city's most historic and infamous mansions. s.type = 'text/javascript'; keep up the good work. Become a paranormal investigator for the night like the TV stars of Most haunted, ghost adventures or TAPS Ghost hunters. Shelly was our guide, and. learned some new information about the paranormal i didnt know before. Happy hunting! Could have stayed for days. Participants were split into small groups so we werent crowded. Bowers mansion is beautiful!! , We visited the Bowers Mansion in Palestine recently. The staff were. My sister and I had an amazing time on our first ghost hunt at the Lebold Mansion! Cant wait to visit again! I've seen real spirits at their events! I HIGHLY recommend this tour. paranormal. my spouse and I were part of the East Texas investigation this past Saturday. They are very user friendly guides, Explaining, educating and keeping the group engaged. Built 1878, and located just a stone's throw away from downtown Palestine TX, lies one of the city's most historic and infamous mansions. my 15yo was thrilled. Fun, exciting experience. If you ever want a good. They were super, My wife and I just finished the Hunted Rooms take over at the 1890 Hotel Josephine in Holton, Ks with Mike & Sam our, hosts and guides for the event. I had an amazing time. Have had them now do several overnight events at our place (the Circa 1886 Olde Park Hotel) and see everyone having such a good haunting time with them. Bowers Mansion is open seasonally (weekends and holidays), usually from Memorial Day through Nevada Day (end of October). We had the best time with Sam and Mike at the Villa and Josephine! Letting us. provided was like none other. VIEWS. We had such an amazing time with Sam and Mike at the Lebold Mansion! Join them for several events either here or elsewhere. We interacted with each member of the group! We had a great time! I would so love to work for this company. before we were let loose to talk with the spirits on our own.The staff was incredibly friendly and eager to answer any questions that we had. Loved our tour with Haunted Rooms America! I caught a lot of things on my phone while we were. It was all positive and light hearted. people, totally very nice and lots of equiptment. Get our free mobile app We have been on other ghost hunts but none as professional and well planned out as the one we attended with you guys. It was a good time, and I even had an unexplainable experience during the free roam time! shelly was our guide. They keep us safe always wiping down stuff. Felt as if they were flying by the seat of there pants. Integrity is everything, I've been on ghost tours before but this is the real deal !!! stellar. I own the app and havent been able to get anything like that, so it was incredible getting to see how it should really work. I will say this if you are an early war buff and looking for the best collection of memorabilia all in one place you need to go here!!! I had amazing experience at the east Texas culture museum. Andy was a great leader and investigator. You will also receive anemail with important information prior to your event, usually the week of. The building was constructed in 1902 and is considered to be one of the best-preserved courthouses in the United States. she was an outstanding and knowledgeable person to have along the way. We were not disappointed and recommend checking it out. My sister and I had so much fun at Museum For East Texas Culture! We will definitely do this again! My friend said she seen a figure of a little girl sitting upstairs in the chairs. much of the gadgets used by real ghost hunters and even got to investigate on our own. Wow! We had a fun, interactive and interesting night at Edinburgh Manor with Samantha, Mike and crew. She Stoops to Conquer is a 1910 American silent short drama produced by the Thanhouser Company. Had a great time! the team that run the groups were so friendly and outgoing that it made me realize that I could just be me. This is an incredible building with so much history, and you will be one of the first people to investigate it! The tour guides were great at explaining how things work and what to look for their knowledge. Jon and Deb were perfect hosts giving us the rundown of the location but not too much to make us have preconceived notions about what we may experience.

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