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James was aware of how confusing his name could be to pronounce, and he addressed this in an amusing anecdote. See more ideas about chicago outfit, chicago mob, mobster. According to my late father, one of the Outfits favorite Chicago mayors (in my fathers lifetime) was Harold Washington. All of a sudden, Zafiratos addressed Colin on the record and in open court by saying, Mr. Matassas name surfaced in the historic Operation Family Secrets mob trial in 2007 when Outfit turncoat Nicholas Calabrese testified Matassa was a longtime member of the Outfits notorious Rush Street crew who reported to capo Vince Solano. By the early 1970s, Romie was the Outfits point man in these matters, a state of affairs that would persist until the mid-1990s. Which is certainly a great deal less than they once did, given how their world has changed over the last several decades because of law enforcement efforts against them and a long list of other factors. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. See more ideas about chicago outfit, chicago, chicago mob. United Maintenance Co. Inc., owned by Richard Simon, was chosen last month to clean OHare International Airport for five years starting on Dec. 15. Champaign, IL. I've heard they've got 100,000 made members and 250,000 associates across the world | 25,000 just in Chicago. 41 Is the. God bless! CHICAGO (WLS) -- For decades, Chicago mob boss Marco D'Amico was dogged by a bad mugshot depicting him with Coke-bottle glasses that magnified a pair of bulging eyeballs. However, Zafiratos also knew that the justice system depends on impartial judges maintaining the rule of law. In his comments to the court, Matassa said many of the witnesses were just scared after federal agents had gone into their houses like storm troopers.. Romie also secured desired assignments for judges. Therefore, Romies and James paths (temporarily) divided and went off in somewhat different directions, as they reached their late teens. To be clear, almost every Italian and Greek judge appointed to the bench and/or who sought endorsement by the Chicago political machine, or who wanted specific assignments, between the 1950s and the early to mid-1990s accomplished their goals largely because of Romie and his intimate network of highly capable colleagues. Mods should mind their own business and leave poster's profile signatures alone. Onetime Chicago Outfit boss's FBI files shed no light on why he escaped charges in 'Family Secrets' killings But the once-secret records on John "No Nose" DiFronzo provide a window into . In Illinois, a sentence of supervision is an alternative to a conviction, where if a defendant avoids future arrests during the term of his or her sentence the case is disposed of satisfactorily and without a criminal conviction applied to the defendants official record. While smiling at the Judge, Daley said, If you ever need anything. James graciously accepted the mayors shillelagh and thanked him for it. Thats all Im going to say here. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. The elderly lady answered, If he needs a shirt, yes, Your Honor. Zafiratos laughed and allowed her to leave the courtroom without any further complications. When Calabrese and Marcello were later imprisoned together in Michigan, the two had a code to signify when they were talking about Matassa, Calabrese testified. The entire State of Illinois (and in some cases beyond) were well within Romies circle of influence. "With the death of Marco D'Amico, another of the Outfit's old guard, along with John DiFronzo and Joey Lombardo, has passed away" concludes mobologist John Binder. Chicago mayoral rivals Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas are campaigning for Black voters ahead of the April 4 runoff. (Ross Stanger). A number of weeks after the trial ended, Mayor Daley asked the Judge to meet with him at his City Hall office. Cook County no longer has such a court. His nickname, "the Mover," was an apparent reference to his well-honed skills at getting things done, whether those "things" involved collecting on juice loans or convincing Outfit-connected business owners that it would be in their best interest to pay the mob's so-called "street tax," a fee for permission to operate. Prepares New Rules on Investment in China, The Tax Play That Saves Some Couples Big Bucks, Opinion: China Remains the Worlds Pandemic Risk. Some of the paperwork now part of the Sun-Times online The FBI Files database, which contains thousands of records on Chicago and Illinois politicians, gangsters, union bosses, religious figures, academics, spies and actors is heavily redacted. This defendants case went in front of Zafiratos. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Article viewed iconAn icon to mark the viewed articles As the battery case began progressing, Zafiratos was assigned to hear the case. My late father, Armando Mondo Fosco, was always by Romies side. Mobster Marco D'Amico is peeking over the owner's shoulder. See more ideas about chicago outfit, chicago, chicago mob. Didn't realize Schiro has chance at getting out. Theres still some major concerns, Chicago mayor candidate Brandon Johnson in Selma for Bloody Sunday march. In the scope of his important responsibilities on behalf of the Chicago Outfit, Romie discreetly weighed in very seriously on decisions that went into securing endorsements from the Chicago political machine for judicial candidates and appointing a lot of judges to the bench in Cook County, and in some cases throughout the State of Illinois. Murray The Hump Humphreys (originally brought in by Al Capone) and Gus Alex worked very closely with Romie and my father in the development of mastering the operation of political and labor racketeering. 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Sarnos attorney, John Chwarzynski, requested that Sarno serve the remainder of his 25 year racketeering sentence (11 years to go) in home confinement. You dont know what kind of misfortune they may have experienced. Does anyone want to try and explain it?. All Rights Reserved. Now apologize to these people for the names that you called them. American News Post now controls a range of different religious, social and political publications. Hollywood goodfella. CHICAGO OUTFIT CHART 8X10 PHOTO MAFIA ORGANIZED CRIME MOB MOBSTER PICTURE Condition: -- Quantity: 3 available / 17 sold Price: US $4.99 Buy It Now Add to cart Add to Watchlist Ships from United States 16 watchers Shipping: US $4.95 Standard Shipping | See details Located in: Rochester, New York, United States Delivery: The trial took place, and Zafiratos found Flanagan not guilty. I just cant wait until hes gone.. This went on for a little while. Zafiratos replied, Its my job to hear cases, Mr. Mayor. Mayor Daley commended Zafiratos for doing his job in a fair manner. (Ross Stanger), Jimmy "The Bomber" Catura. i agree about nick calabrese not knowing everyone. Continue with Recommended Cookies. the chicago outfit jan.1 2021 boss 1.salvatore delaurentis north side street boss 2.albert vena 3.chris spina 4.robert dominic 5.rudy fratto 6.joseph difronzo 7.anthony dote-alleged to have been #2 to marco d'amico at time of death? | Andrew A. Nelles~Sun-Times Media. John No Nose DiFronzo in 1992 leaving the Dirksen Federal Building. A crime scene in Chicago, July 9. (Marcello) would take (his arms) and go like this, like hes making a sign of a big stomach, Calabrese testified. Romie was a political fixer and labor union racketeer for the Chicago Outfit for many years (please read the previous addendums for more details, including several FBI 302 reports and other exhibits, that support my information via links located at the bottom of this page). His criminal career began with far less pomp, more than 60 years ago, in a manner that many mobsters have atop their records -- gambling charges, street fights and drunken encounters with police. Los Angeles Mob; . It just brings alertness and focus to the game., White Sox notebook: Benintendi, Anderson, Alberto, Saturdays win. Mob Boss Tony Accardo: Tony Accardo and his wife, Clarice, Anthony Accardo testifies before the Senate Government Affairs News Photo | Getty Images, Anthony centracchio former capo for the Chicago outfit, Image result for chicago outfit 2019 surveillance, An Outfit Farewell: Chicago Mobster, Cicero Crew Button Man Paul Spano Passes Away At 87 The Gangster Report, The body of William "Action" Jackson in color, on Lower Whacker Dr. in the trunk of his 1959 Cadillac. Are you experiencing some kind of a problem with your neck? In fact, Matassa was among those indoctrinated as a made member of the mob at an October 1983 ceremony at a shuttered restaurant on Mannheim Road, Calabrese testified, according to a transcript available in court records. The FBI and U.S. Attorneys office detail Sarno running the Chicago mafia as acting boss from 2005 to late 2010, when he was found guilty of setting a rivals video poker machine company ablaze in Berwyn, Illinois. 75. r/Mafia. I had the opportunity to ask my father what made Washington so special. He was allegedly killed the Philly black mafia. Please check back for recent updates and new charts being added as changes in the families occur and the hierarchy is altered over time. Now, he's going back to prison. They go to the grand jury and they got amnesia, he said. However, he was a phenomenal son, husband, father, grandfather, and a great judge. -Ross Stanger, Joseph "Caesar" DiVarco former high ranking chicago outfit member. I was not too sure about the Del Giudice ring, since it ultimately is tied to the Outfit through Paloian but they are probably all associates in one way or another. As far as Ferrara goes, Ill just say that he was not a fan of American News Post. With confidence, Romie predicted that Zafiratos would be up to the task. As a side note, a family member of Judge Stillo seems to me to have joined his relative, Nick Spina, and (independently) another relative, who is the now late Sal Ferrara of Ferrara Candy Company, in sabotaging some of my respectable goals in more recent years. "But the organization continues to roll on, although it is nothing like what it was at its height in the early 1960s. In 2004, Attorney General Lisa Madigan described Daddano and three other family members as reputed members of organized crime as she opposed Rosemonts bid to open a casino. Its on our website. Dec 18, 2022 - Explore John Sheetz's board "Chicago Outfit", followed by 385 people on Pinterest. Daley gifted James with a token shillelagh. By the way what is your opinions on Nick Ferriola? But DiFronzo who died in 2018 at 89 was never charged in the killings and emerged otherwise unscathed from that massive federal prosecution that gutted much of the rest of the Chicago mobs leadership. This Addendum will illustrate in better detail how DiFronzo forever changed the shape of the Chicago Outfit. BIG no, no! February 27, 2023 By restaurants on the water in st clair shores By restaurants on the water in st clair shores Chuck Goudie, Barb Markoff, Christine Tressel and Ross Weidner. Matassas conviction wasnt the first time his association with labor unions has gotten him into hot water. These charts and the listed leaders and members are kept as up to date as possible with current known information from various sources. The newly released files make only passing reference to Anthony Spilotro, including this: Source information has recently indicated that DiFronzo is a frequent traveler to Las Vegas and at one point was considered as a replacement for Tony Spilotro to oversee mob activities in that city., Anthony Spilotro (left) was the Chicago mobs man in Las Vegas until his 1986 killing. Of course, James and Romies longstanding friendship had created a powerful bond during their childhood that lasted for the rest of their lives. When his turn came to speak, Matassa, known as Pudgy for his considerable girth, rose from his seat, walked slowly to the lectern and said, The only reason that Im standing here is because my name is John Matassa.. Copyright 2023 WLS-TV. The first was Edward J. Kelly, the 46th Mayor of Chicago, who served from 1933 to 1947. From my understanding, Spina is supposedly pretty well off and that probably means Vena is taken care of as well. He's never ratted and seems pretty old school in his thinking and beliefs. The woman explained that it was her husbands birthday and that she didnt have any money to buy him a gift. Ron Scavo, one of the brothers killed by Billy McCarthy and Jimmy Miraglia in Elmwood Park Il. Congratulations to Joseph Epstein for committing the dual effronteries of calling for vigorous law enforcement as a remedy for the crime that plagues our hometown and for pointing out that the disabling of the Outfit was not an unmitigated positive for our city (Crime is No Longer a Family Business in Chicago, op-ed, July 31). Keeping the circle tight paid off. Despite having skated through the run-ins, in late 1994 D'Amico faced a more serious legal threat when he was indicted by federal prosecutors in a sweeping racketeering case. No, You Cant Build Here, Opinion: About Those Free Tickets to Hong Kong, Opinion: Late to Work? When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The criminal defendant that I will be talking about, Thomas D. Flanagan, Sr., Esquire, was a very close family friend of the then sitting Chicago mayor, Richard J. Daley. Read rest by Dan Mihalopoulosand Mitch DudekStaff Reporterson Chicago Sun Times. An example of Romies direct and/or indirect influence over Italian and Greek American Cook County Judges, who were full judges (not associate judges), was cajoling them to vote certain ways in judicial elections. Romie Nappi and James Zafiratos grew up as boyhood friends. In this video, we review the life of the Outfit's Chicago Heights chop shop kingpin, murderer (allegedly) and extortionist who could have really benefited fr. Despite photo appearances, Outfit history will record that D'Amico was no underworld-dork, and could see quite clearly. I have decided to keep the nature of the crime and the defendants name discreet out of respect for the family of the late Adam Stillo, as I had a lot of respect for Stillo, and maintain a great deal of respect for his legacy. Among the murders solved as a result of the high-profile courtroom drama was the double homicide of Tony "The Ant" Spilotro, the Chicago Outfit's point man in . No, You Cant Build Here, How Chilis Is Prepping for Tough Times, Starting With the Fries, Electric Vehicles Are Shattering the Barrier to Adoption that Could Matter Most, The Surprising Ways Walking Delivers a High-Intensity Workout, U.S. You will be charged D'Amico's biggest clout, then-reigning boss John "No Nose" DiFronzo, died two years ago. Its modern organization dates to the beer wars of Prohibition and its most notorious leader, Al Capone. The late Cook County Judge Adam Stillo had a relative that was charged with a serious crime many years ago. Please leave all comments on our Facebook page. ReadMarch 3, 2023 | Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. Romie was heavily involved in various important backdoor judicial processes as early as the 1950s. | Sit Down with MichaelFranzese, Airline: Employee Conflict Erupts After Man Is Turned Away At Gate |A&E, Neighborhood Logic: Be Yourself Chazz Palminteri Show | EP91, Jose Miguel Battle Cuban Organized Crime In SouthFlorida, Gallo Gang story goes hollywoodgoodfella, Police Coerce Confession from 14-Yr-Old Accused of Murdering His Sister | Cold Case Files |A&E, Greatest MAFIA Movie | Sit Down with MichaelFranzese, Mikey Scars | RJ Roger Live @ 5:00 PM | PatreonExclusive, Nightwatch: Top 6 Miraculous Recoveries |A&E, Nicky Scarfo Questioned By The Casino ControlCommission, Andy Serkis Talks Kino Loys Connection To Snoke | ANDORInterview, Police Arrest Out-of-Control Twin Sisters Attacking Their Neighbors | Neighborhood Wars |A&E, Author Scott Deitche Speaks On The Michael Meldish Mafia Hit, Purple Gang AndMore, Frank DeCicco | Life & Death | Mikey Scars [PatreonExclusive], Court Cam: Rude Defendant Thinks Hes in Charge, Judge Throws Him in Jail |A&E, Shia LaBeouf on REAL ONES with JonBernthal, Growing Up with Sammy The Bull Gravano | Sit Down with KarenGravano, Cold Case Files: Brutal Details of Murder Revealed by Excavation of Backyard Well |A&E, THE WATCHER: Naomi Watts & Bobby Cannavale star in Unnerving Film Based on TrueStory, got covid for third time ,even with boosters need plenty of rest, bad cold, staying in bed all day, maybe post tonight, FBI: Most Wanted - Patent Pending (Sneak Peek 3) CBS, Student in custody after 3 University of Virginia football players killed CBS EVENING NEWS, Battle over the iPhone app store at appeals court AP, Comedian Jay Leno seriously burned in gasoline fire Chicago Mafia Chicago Outfit bookmaker is going back to prison April 9, 2021 Chicago Outfit boss Mike Sarno denied compassionate release despite poor health February 22, 2021 Lebron James accused of "dropping rakes" - Gangster Disciples threaten him October 14, 2020 End of the Road for Mobster Frank Cullotta, Dead at 81 August 21, 2020 Federal judge worried that Chicago mob boss Mike Sarno might return to Outfit ways By Chuck Goudie and Barb Markoff, Christine Tressel and Ross Weidner Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Mike Sarno. Alternatively, the fact that those in high channels were aware of the tight relationship Romie and James had together could have been the reason Mayor Daley contacted Romie with his question. My dad replied, Washington lets us do whatever we want to do without giving us any problems. I was too green-behind-the-ears at the time to understand what my father meant by us. I later learned that us meant the Chicago Outfits then First Ward. In fact, in a recent sentencing memo asking Kennelly to impose about a two-year prison term, prosecutors said that Matassa had no criminal history and a seemingly normal upbringing.. June 7, 2021 / 6:19 PM / CBS Chicago CHICAGO (CBS) -- Since the 1980s, Frank Coconate has owned a high-powered rifle that once belonged to a Chicago Outfit hitman, and now Coconate wants to sell it. ReadMarch 3, 2023 | Joshua Rubenstein, Crime is No Longer a Family Business in Chicago, Opinion: Yes, Theres a Housing Crisis. She had then recently stolen a shirt from a department store and she was pleading guilty to the crime. a question that may be appropriate for this thread. Customer Service. ReadMarch 3, 2023 | Gil Troy, Article viewed iconAn icon to mark the viewed articles Calabrese also testified that he and Matassa helped conduct surveillance in the late 1980s on a movie house operator who owed the mob money, according to the transcript. Its actually good for the game, Sox manager Pedro Grifol said. So, I have a question for you. If it werent for the bad cops in Elmwood Park, Illinois (who were eventually forced out of the Elmwood Park, Illinois, Police Department), that brought a bogus case against me in 1992, I probably would not have had the pleasure of knowing Judge Zafiratos. Joey Cusumano (standing far left) w/ Tony Spilotro at a friends wedding. ReadMarch 3, 2023 | Mene Ukueberuwa, Article viewed iconAn icon to mark the viewed articles The chart is a good one simply because of the photos and it's very inclusive. Their current boss is Salvatore "Solly" DeLaurentis. The Judge knew that the defendant was related to his good friend Adam Stillo. Chicago Heights gangster. One file, from 1982, showed cars parked near the deli, including one that was registered to D&P Construction Co., Inc. a waste-hauling business that the FBI contended was secretly controlled by DiFronzo and his brother Peter DiFronzo, who died at 87 in 2020. Thank the Transit Union, Student discount promo code: $100 off the GoPro HERO11, Samsung promo code - Up to 40% off + free shipping, Claim $1932 on Precision 5570 Workstation with Dell Coupon code, Yes, Theres a Housing Crisis. If I was boss I wouldn't allow kids to be involved in the business either. Okay, so the Judge wasnt a poet. In the late 1990s, Matassa was kicked out as president of the Laborers Union Chicago local over his alleged extensive ties to organized crime a move Matassa fought for years. ?, Michael Spilotro, Vincent Spilotro with their mother. From the days prior to Alphonse Capone, up to John DiFronzo's release from prison in the mid-1990s, the Chicago Outfit was a single organized-crime syndicate spanning the greater Chicagoland area. Some members of the unions board testified to a federal grand jury that they were unaware they were even trustees, Kennelly said. Today I would like to celebrate the life of my good friend, the late Judge James Zafiratos. The Judge was a mans man. The now old First Ward was the designated frontline mechanism that reached throughout the City of Chicagos aldermanic system for Romie (along with his advisers and bosses), which insulated him quite well. In one infamous gangland meeting, the I-Team followed D'Amico to "Lunch with No Nose" in a suburban eatery in 2009. If I ever hear you again insult the people who come into this courtroom, Ill find you in contempt and jail you.. ReadMarch 3, 2023 | The Editorial Board, Article viewed iconAn icon to mark the viewed articles Mar 14, 2021 - Explore Tom Caponi's board "Chicago Outfit" on Pinterest. Didn't realize Schiro has chance at getting out. Source will not testify due to fear for his life, the DiFronzo files often say. Shortly after being assigned to the Cook Countys Fourth District Courthouse in Maywood, Illinois, Assistant States Attorney Colin Simpson decided to enter Zafiratos courtroom to observe the proceedings. In a photo seized during a 1988 raid, mob boss John DiFronzo (far left) is seen shaking hands with a restaurateur. Sign In. To make a long story short, Zafiratos found the defendant guilty as charged and threw the book at him. The charge murder spanned 16 years. This promotion was made possible because of Anthony Joe B Accardo and Joseph Aiuppa, who well knew how effective Romie and Armando Fosco, were, and because of their low-key public profiles. maybe better to post what we can prove? That chart is comical in its lack of knowledge. 5/31/20 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum One, 6/4/20 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Two, 6/24/20 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Three, 7/18/20 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Four, 6/11/21 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Five, 8/28/21 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Six, 9/17/21 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Seven, 9/29/21 Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit Addendum Eight. Customer Service. Despite photo. Joey Lombardo (center) with John Drummond (right) & a court buff outside the court house. Mafia Report: Chicago Outfit - Addendum Nine. This guy Jr strikes me as someone who is borderline. Chicago Outfit labor union racketeer, Gus Zapas, circa early 1960s. Despite my disappointment in Judge Stillos family members, again, I have decided to remain courteous to the Stillo family, solely because of my respect for the late Adam Stillo. If it weren't for the bad cops in Elmwood Park, Illinois (who were eventually forced out of the Elmwood Park, Illinois, Police Department), that brought a bogus case against me in 1992, I probably would . Romies influence was mostly relevant to judges (or soon-to-be judges) of Italian and Greek descent (but not limited to those ethnicities). The list of flaws with this team are many, but the fact that this Bulls front office thought Russell Westbrook might help them out could be atop that list. D'Amico's car had been curbed in northwest suburban Palatine on suspicion of driving under the influence. You may change your billing preferences at any time in the Customer Center or call Laura Dern Makes Good Use of Her Platform as anActress, Seths Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trumps Taxes, First PresidentialDebate, Reputed Chicago mob figure linked to clean OHarecontract, Crooked Officer CAUGHT Smuggling Drugs to Inmates | The Squad: Prison Police |A&E, Neighborhood Logic: Rated R pt 3 Kathrine Narducci &, Tulsa King: We Talk to Sylvester Stallone, Dana Delany, Garrett Hedlund and more!JoBlo CelebrityInterviews, Hoarders: Hoarded OUT OF MY HOME One-Hour Marathon |A&E, The MAFIA and Church | Sit Down with MichaelFranzese, Sylvester Stallone Gives Powerful Answer About Why Its Important That ROCKY Loses |INTERVIEW, Billy the Exterminator: Wrestling Match with a 9 FOOT LONG Alligator (S2, E19) | FullEpisode, Former Genovese Capo Anthony Arillotta On Negotiating, Becoming A Made Man AndMore, Black Adam: Interviews With the Cast and Scenes From theMovie, Nicholas Pileggi The Popularity Of Mob Movies(1990), What Joe Pistone thought of Johnny Depp playing DonnieBrasco, John Gotti Guilty Verdict Riot Outside theCourthouse, Court Cam: Get Him Out of Here! Judge Sentences Man for Heinous Murders |A&E, Sammy The Bull EXCLUSIVE Sit Down Interview | John Gotti | Mikey Scars | Chin Gigante | JoeGallo, Joe Watts | Junior Gotti | Jackie DAmico | Mikey Scars | Episode 2 | PatreonExclusive, Detective Extracts Confession DECADES After Murder | Cold Case Files |A&E, Mob In Miami Tony Giacalone, John Piazza, Michael Franzese & ThomasFarese, Dennis Hoppers Daily Routine was Dangerous to HisHealth, Who Would I Vote for If Im Still in the Mob? The Outfit always had a small core but tons of associates. Despite Romie and James rich history dating back to somewhere around 1929, it was Gus Zapas that initially backed Zafiratos for judge. He said, Who are you to call these people names? No one beefed on Romie, nor did they beef on anyone for that matter, and therefore Romie never got in any serious trouble in his lifetime. One record suggests that, at one point, a suburban police officer helped scuttle FBI efforts to trail DiFronzo in a car, blocking its path. "(D'Amico's) own money was (as an investor) in the large scale marijuana farms the Outfit ran in Inverness and Carol Stream some years ago, alongside that of John DiFronzo and his brother Joe,. That title, adviser to the mob, has been held by some of the Chicago Outfit's biggest names over the decades, including Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo who rose from Al Capone's driver to run the entire shebang. Here are Mafia Family Leadership charts for most of the Mafia families that are still active across the United States. (from left to right) Tony Spilotro, ?? It shows there are 83 made men in the Chicago Mob. For anyone interested in the Detroit Family its a much see. 07/07/22 09:53 PM. In asking for a sentence of probation, Matassas attorney, Cynthia Giacchetti, said he was essentially a one-man show for the union, managing grievances, negotiating contracts and benefits and being on call morning and night, seven days a week. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Their killings were fictionally portrayed in the Martin Scorcese movie Casino.. Obscenity-court handled drunks, prostitutes, and their johns for the most part. These . Now that I have shared the information above, I will focus more on the late Judge Zafiratos. Chicago Outfit today: 75 years after Al Capone's death. Alex Murdaugh Receives Life Sentence: What Happens Now? 3-ranking man in an illicit organization that had been decimated by other deaths, prosecutions and lifetime prison sentences. Matassa, 68, is a reputed "made" member of the Chicago Outfit who has been associated with some of the mob's most notorious figures, including former reputed boss James "Jimmy Light" Marcello.. As soon as word broke that Zafiratos was going to be assigned the battery case, Richard J. Daley discreetly reached out to Romie to see whether Zafiratos was going to keep the case in front of him or not.

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