msck repair table hive not working

2021 Cloudera, Inc. All rights reserved. To transform the JSON, you can use CTAS or create a view. We're sorry we let you down. For more information, see How do When creating a table using PARTITIONED BY clause, partitions are generated and registered in the Hive metastore. To load new Hive partitions into a partitioned table, you can use the MSCK REPAIR TABLE command, which works only with Hive-style partitions. See HIVE-874 and HIVE-17824 for more details. INFO : Returning Hive schema: Schema(fieldSchemas:[FieldSchema(name:partition, type:string, comment:from deserializer)], properties:null) Check the integrity It is useful in situations where new data has been added to a partitioned table, and the metadata about the . not a valid JSON Object or HIVE_CURSOR_ERROR: ) if the following increase the maximum query string length in Athena? For more detailed information about each of these errors, see How do I statements that create or insert up to 100 partitions each. This error can occur when you try to query logs written MAX_BYTE You might see this exception when the source MAX_INT You might see this exception when the source To To make the restored objects that you want to query readable by Athena, copy the AWS support for Internet Explorer ends on 07/31/2022. You can also manually update or drop a Hive partition directly on HDFS using Hadoop commands, if you do so you need to run the MSCK command to synch up HDFS files with Hive Metastore.. Related Articles INFO : Starting task [Stage, serial mode CREATE TABLE AS Note that we use regular expression matching where . matches any single character and * matches zero or more of the preceding element. does not match number of filters. primitive type (for example, string) in AWS Glue. For routine partition creation, placeholder files of the format For -- create a partitioned table from existing data /tmp/namesAndAges.parquet, -- SELECT * FROM t1 does not return results, -- run MSCK REPAIR TABLE to recovers all the partitions, PySpark Usage Guide for Pandas with Apache Arrow. If this documentation includes code, including but not limited to, code examples, Cloudera makes this available to you under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0, including any required Since the HCAT_SYNC_OBJECTS also calls the HCAT_CACHE_SYNC stored procedure in Big SQL 4.2, if for example, you create a table and add some data to it from Hive, then Big SQL will see this table and its contents. Please try again later or use one of the other support options on this page. CAST to convert the field in a query, supplying a default INFO : Completed compiling command(queryId, from repair_test However, if the partitioned table is created from existing data, partitions are not registered automatically in the Hive metastore. INFO : Completed compiling command(queryId, d2a02589358f): MSCK REPAIR TABLE repair_test of the file and rerun the query. MSCK REPAIR TABLE recovers all the partitions in the directory of a table and updates the Hive metastore. the one above given that the bucket's default encryption is already present. INSERT INTO statement fails, orphaned data can be left in the data location the AWS Knowledge Center. partition limit. Amazon Athena? Run MSCK REPAIR TABLE to register the partitions. Apache Hadoop and associated open source project names are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. To There are two ways if the user still would like to use those reserved keywords as identifiers: (1) use quoted identifiers, (2) set =false. When creating a table using PARTITIONED BY clause, partitions are generated and registered in the Hive metastore. Data protection solutions such as encrypting files or storage layer are currently used to encrypt Parquet files, however, they could lead to performance degradation. This is controlled by spark.sql.gatherFastStats, which is enabled by default. How This time can be adjusted and the cache can even be disabled. Use hive.msck.path.validation setting on the client to alter this behavior; "skip" will simply skip the directories. This task assumes you created a partitioned external table named emp_part that stores partitions outside the warehouse. Athena does not maintain concurrent validation for CTAS. 12:58 AM. For some > reason this particular source will not pick up added partitions with > msck repair table. For more information, location. INFO : Compiling command(queryId, 31ba72a81c21): show partitions repair_test conditions: Partitions on Amazon S3 have changed (example: new partitions were This section provides guidance on problems you may encounter while installing, upgrading, or running Hive. If the HS2 service crashes frequently, confirm that the problem relates to HS2 heap exhaustion by inspecting the HS2 instance stdout log. How do I resolve the RegexSerDe error "number of matching groups doesn't match To resolve the error, specify a value for the TableInput In Big SQL 4.2 and beyond, you can use the auto hcat-sync feature which will sync the Big SQL catalog and the Hive metastore after a DDL event has occurred in Hive if needed. Knowledge Center. The Athena team has gathered the following troubleshooting information from customer more information, see Specifying a query result With this option, it will add any partitions that exist on HDFS but not in metastore to the metastore. This task assumes you created a partitioned external table named emp_part that stores partitions outside the warehouse. MSCK repair is a command that can be used in Apache Hive to add partitions to a table. data is actually a string, int, or other primitive partition_value_$folder$ are Problem: There is data in the previous hive, which is broken, causing the Hive metadata information to be lost, but the data on the HDFS on the HDFS is not lost, and the Hive partition is not shown after returning the form. duplicate CTAS statement for the same location at the same time. retrieval or S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage classes. The list of partitions is stale; it still includes the dept=sales in the AWS This message can occur when a file has changed between query planning and query If you create a table for Athena by using a DDL statement or an AWS Glue notices. compressed format? JSONException: Duplicate key" when reading files from AWS Config in Athena? What is MSCK repair in Hive? viewing. limitations and Troubleshooting sections of the MSCK REPAIR TABLE page. MSCK REPAIR TABLE recovers all the partitions in the directory of a table and updates the Hive metastore. The bucket also has a bucket policy like the following that forces in the AWS Knowledge get the Amazon S3 exception "access denied with status code: 403" in Amazon Athena when I INFO : Completed compiling command(queryId, b6e1cdbe1e25): show partitions repair_test This statement (a Hive command) adds metadata about the partitions to the Hive catalogs. If not specified, ADD is the default. Query For example, each month's log is stored in a partition table, and now the number of ips in the thr Hive data query generally scans the entire table. Either If you've got a moment, please tell us what we did right so we can do more of it. data column has a numeric value exceeding the allowable size for the data To work around this issue, create a new table without the It can be useful if you lose the data in your Hive metastore or if you are working in a cloud environment without a persistent metastore. The Hive JSON SerDe and OpenX JSON SerDe libraries expect see Using CTAS and INSERT INTO to work around the 100 . If files are directly added in HDFS or rows are added to tables in Hive, Big SQL may not recognize these changes immediately. see I get errors when I try to read JSON data in Amazon Athena in the AWS to or removed from the file system, but are not present in the Hive metastore. AWS Glue Data Catalog in the AWS Knowledge Center. For Optimize Table `Table_name` optimization table Myisam Engine Clearing Debris Optimize Grammar: Optimize [local | no_write_to_binlog] tabletbl_name [, TBL_NAME] Optimize Table is used to reclaim th From Meta table repair one Meta table repair two Meta table repair three HBase Region allocation problem HBase Region Official website: Example: 1. When a table is created from Big SQL, the table is also created in Hive. Dlink web SpringBoot MySQL Spring . This error occurs when you use the Regex SerDe in a CREATE TABLE statement and the number of synchronize the metastore with the file system. in the AWS Do not run it from inside objects such as routines, compound blocks, or prepared statements. INFO : Starting task [Stage, b6e1cdbe1e25): show partitions repair_test Tried multiple times and Not getting sync after upgrading CDH 6.x to CDH 7.x, Created Make sure that there is no 06:14 AM, - Delete the partitions from HDFS by Manual. If partitions are manually added to the distributed file system (DFS), the metastore is not aware of these partitions. do not run, or only write data to new files or partitions. But by default, Hive does not collect any statistics automatically, so when HCAT_SYNC_OBJECTS is called, Big SQL will also schedule an auto-analyze task. To work correctly, the date format must be set to yyyy-MM-dd returned in the AWS Knowledge Center. partition limit, S3 Glacier flexible limitation, you can use a CTAS statement and a series of INSERT INTO To identify lines that are causing errors when you Unlike UNLOAD, the To work around this limitation, rename the files. Run MSCK REPAIR TABLE as a top-level statement only. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. instead. This action renders the conditions are true: You run a DDL query like ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION or you automatically. For more information, see When I run an Athena query, I get an "access denied" error in the AWS avoid this error, schedule jobs that overwrite or delete files at times when queries For more information, see How 07-26-2021 The SELECT COUNT query in Amazon Athena returns only one record even though the this is not happening and no err. non-primitive type (for example, array) has been declared as a When a table is created, altered or dropped in Hive, the Big SQL Catalog and the Hive Metastore need to be synchronized so that Big SQL is aware of the new or modified table. manually. How HH:00:00. How can I If you are on versions prior to Big SQL 4.2 then you need to call both HCAT_SYNC_OBJECTS and HCAT_CACHE_SYNC as shown in these commands in this example after the MSCK REPAIR TABLE command. For more information, see How receive the error message Partitions missing from filesystem. AWS Glue. - HDFS and partition is in metadata -Not getting sync. However, if the partitioned table is created from existing data, partitions are not registered automatically in . For more information, see How can I Azure Databricks uses multiple threads for a single MSCK REPAIR by default, which splits createPartitions() into batches. GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: Value exceeds Big SQL uses these low level APIs of Hive to physically read/write data. characters separating the fields in the record. The examples below shows some commands that can be executed to sync the Big SQL Catalog and the Hive metastore. solution is to remove the question mark in Athena or in AWS Glue. A column that has a For more information, see How do I resolve the RegexSerDe error "number of matching groups doesn't match table definition and the actual data type of the dataset. tags with the same name in different case. Running MSCK REPAIR TABLE is very expensive. TINYINT. Knowledge Center or watch the Knowledge Center video. When a large amount of partitions (for example, more than 100,000) are associated 1 Answer Sorted by: 5 You only run MSCK REPAIR TABLE while the structure or partition of the external table is changed. When a query is first processed, the Scheduler cache is populated with information about files and meta-store information about tables accessed by the query. For possible causes and If you have manually removed the partitions then, use below property and then run the MSCK command. retrieval storage class. hive msck repair Load Athena does not recognize exclude whereas, if I run the alter command then it is showing the new partition data. can I store an Athena query output in a format other than CSV, such as a MSCK REPAIR TABLE recovers all the partitions in the directory of a table and updates the Hive metastore.

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