list of fake russian refineries

** Phillips 66 Rodeo and Santa Maria began reporting as one entity as of 2017. A great way to tell whether a company is a scam is to look at the date the website's domain was registered. Basic checks can help to prevent such fraud, including checking email addresses carefully particularly if there is a change in tone of correspondence or a change to payment details and checking any requested changes to account details via telephone (ideally with a known individual) with your counterparty. Please make sure you site only your bad and genuine experience with scammer(s) . This site is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The refinery is the site of the first commercial fluid catalytic cracking plant that began . They are the agent/mandate certificate holder, i.e. Since our endeavor has been to help genuine buyers and sellers make direct contact we welcome you share your bad experience with scammers if any so others can benefit by not repeating the same mistakes. Frequently, the scammers request the fake fees be paid to some fake government officials or oil association agents through a fake websites. The success of our company depends on the ability and willingness of our people to provide our customers with the most courteous and professional services with particular attention to safety and the environment. Furthermore, in connection with increased cases considering illegal use of the Company's style, trade mark, and logo by sites, accounts, and social network pages not related to LUKOIL Group, we recall the need for . LLC Moxsar The purpose is to induce the victim into paying advance fees for non-existent oil or other commodities. We Can supply Aviation Kerosene, Jet fuel (JP 54-A1, 5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil Mazut (M100) REBCO, LNG/LPG, UREA ETC in CIF/FOB base email us (neftegazresur AT inbox DOT ru) for more clarification and understanding as this is an arrangement and compromise with a take over bid. Join us now so you too can be visible on europages. Russian President Vladimir Putin even accused the western world of using media propaganda against the country. These suspended refineries are JSC Krastsvetmet, JSC Novosibirsk Refinery, JSC Uralelectromed, Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant, Prioksky Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals, and Shyolkovsky Factory of Secondary Precious Metals. To support the scam, fake government, associations, banks, law firms, tank terminals, shipping companies, and due diligence websites are also set up. The company operates one of the most advanced refineries in Russia and one of the largest in the world. Best Regards, The Novoshakhtinsky oil refinery, which is located near the Russian city of Rostov, close to the border with Ukraine, has supplied its products to ExxonMobil at least six times in 2020,. HOUSTON The United States and the European Union have been unwilling to put sanctions on Russian energy exports in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine. ANY ADVANCE FEE IS LIKELY TO BE A SCAM! Phone/WhatsApp: +7 (926) 504-4103 U.S. JET FUEL AND ULTRA LOW SULPHUR DIESEL (EN590 10 ppm) NOW AVAILABLE ON CIF CONTRACT, FERM :, IP TRACKER :, OIL BUYERS' BLACK LIST:, PETROFINDER:, NASAA :, FRAUD GUIDES:, OILSCAMS:, SCAM SURVIVORS:, STOP 419:, RUSSIAN OIL SCAMMERS:, BLACK LIST TRITON:, SCAMWARNERS:, STAR CONSTRUCTION:, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "RESURS TANKER". Over the years we are dealing and transacting with our partners in Asia, America, USA, China and UAE. (See Dear Sir, We are oil trading company based in the Russian Federation. Petroleum Refinery companies in Russian Federation Add your free listing Related industries Any country Agriculture Agricultural Greenhouses Other Agriculture Products Energy Charcoal Crude Oil Industrial Fuel Natural Gas Other Energy Related Products Petrochemical Products Bitumen Other Petrochemical Related. they have direct access to petroleum products from various governmental and non-governmental refineries or oil wells, which enables them to obtain product capacity from refineries. of Origin Russian Refineries, CIF delivery to Any Safe World Ports, FOB if the domain registration date is within a year, its most likely a scam. Russia has pummeled Mariupol and other southern and eastern Ukrainian cities with artillery and airstrikes for more than a month, but attempts to push deeper into the country with ground forces. The. Garnec is a leader in the production of gluten-free flour and baking mixes. ru) for SCO Or email us for any inquires to help serve you better. Read, Fake Shipping/Security/Courier/Escrow Companies, Black Money & Fake Document Non-Delivery Scams, Cannabis, Vape & Drug Non-Delivery Scams, Nine West African scammers arrested in Russia, Western Union/MoneyGram or Bank to Bank Indicate Scam, scow_7-495, Mbega Steven Etienne, sentenced to 5 years in prison in Russia, Nelson Adesina Tosin and Olajumoke Mayaki,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fake Shipping/Security/Courier/Escrow Companies, Black Money & Fake Document Non-Delivery Scams. Nikolaya Ostrovskogo Perm 614007 . Mandate to leading Oil Refineries in Russia and we have authority to market a wide range of refined petroleum products. The Strange Case of the Burning Saudi Refineries List Of Fake Russian Refineries. Russia. 115 Leningradskaya Street 681007 Komsomolsk on Amur. We represent the major Oil Refineries to the Government of the Russia Federation to help buyers meet their various requirements and needs. This site is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Oil and Gas trade is teeming with scammers in every aspect of the trade. list of fake russian refineries Where our kids go to blog. Company Name: VOLGA TRADER RUSSIA LTDPRIMORSK TERMINAL-RUSSIA, Email Address:, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Good day, Please read our Cookie Policy for more information on how we use cookies and how you can manage them. Many scammers will request an advance payment or fee from $30,000 to even $150,000, before any oil is delivered, since, of course no oil will ever be delivered. Manager of the fake company: Ammar Alqaysi, Company Name: Euro worldwide General Trading LLC, Tel : +97143922703 - Cell: +971505872055, Address:Business Bay, The Prime Tower, Office 1701-42, Dubai, UAE, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Address: 2 Solunska str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------, Manager of the fake Company: Dr. Samer Al asa'd, Address: Branch office in Syria: maysat sq., Sukkar building, Ground Floor, Near CBS 16th Branch, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Address: Bulgaria, Polvdiv city, Bul. This is simply not enough refining capacity exacerbated by Russia's war on Ukraine and countries looking for supply elsewhere that isn't Russian." Since the pandemic, at least nine oil refineries . domain: NEFTEKHIMKOMPLEKT. It should be noted that all documents are in the archive of the company and PJSC LUKOIL warns all interested parties about fake commercial offers, job offers, and other forged documents distributed on the Internet allegedly on behalf of the Company. Angarsk 665830 Irkutsk Region Russia Headquarters: 25/2 Sofiyskaya 692929 Primorsky Kray Nakhodka Ul. - production of high-tech special industrial oils. OPHERGANEFT REFINERIES, TANK FARM AND LOGISTICS. Unfortunately, some of them are fake (fraudulent) companies using forged documents and/or letterheads of the big Russian oil companies. The transshipment capacity is about 7 mln tons of petroleum products a year. Copyright 2017-2030 GLOBAL OIL AND GAS TRADING - All Rights Reserved. They are not! Oil & Gas Journal publishes a worldwide list of refineries annually in a country-by-country tabulation that includes for each refinery: location, crude oil daily processing capacity, and the size of each process unit in the refinery. Istanbul. Kirensk Refinery LLC is a legal registered entity thats operate in Russia Federation with credible record, which enable us to work and exchange business with the Oil & Gas and petroleum buyers all over the globe. These altered account details are very often not suspicious in and of themselves. Tehran Hilla Pouyeshgar Midstream companies store and move it. - industrial oils. It is not hard to see how even the most sophisticated business may fall victim to such fraud. Hello, how are you. The Justice Department unsealed indictments against four alleged Russian hackers said to have targeted US energy infrastructure for nearly a decade. LinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and (except on the iOS app) to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Here is an example of scam contract language containing scam advance fees: "Seller pays for the Legalization/Registration of the CONTRACT directly to the Ministry of Energy", "Buyer pays to obtain Transaction Passport Transfer Certificate (TPTC) / Export Clearance Affidavit (ECA) which defines the buyers intention and competence, and it is duly documented to that effect. Kindly contact us for our procedure and terms of services with this. Rosneft Sales: $70.8 billion Profit: $2 billion Assets: $207.5 billion Market Value: $77.7 billion 3 Rosneft is Russia's biggest oil company. We deal straight with Russian and Netherlands Oil Renowned Refineries as direct Mandate. Russia. Even with the most extensive training procedures for staff, mistakes can still happen and there is no question that, as monitoring techniques improve, fraudsters will find alternative ways of disrupting business for financial gain. - antioxidants, We have straightforward and less cumbersome procedures that are guaranteed for successful deliveries on FOB and CIF deals. Rukan LPG etc Let us know what Product, Volumes and Destination you want after then we shall revert to you with Seller's SCO. Cold milling is milling at temperature of less than 40C, which allows the flour to retains most of the vitamins and minerals. Our products are exported to many countries around the world, but the bulk of customers are concentrated in the US, China and the UAE. - technical and testing capabilities; - flexible production and our own laboratory for oil quality control. 105118 Moscow. Please enable JavaScript to view the page content. Ltd., 3,000bbl/d (480m, Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Ltd., 40,000bbl/d (6,400m, Cepu Refinery (Pusdiklat Migas Cepu), 4,000bbl/d (640m, Arak Refinery (NIODC), 250,000bbl/d (40,000m, Tehran Refinery (NIODC), 225,000bbl/d (35,800m, Isfahan Refinery (NIODC), 375,000bbl/d (59,600m, Tabriz Refinery (NIODC), 112,000bbl/d (17,800m, Lavan Refinery (NIODC), 60,000bbl/d (9,500m, Kermanshah Refinery (NIODC), 25,000bbl/d (4,000m, Bandar Abbas Refinery (NIODC), 350,000bbl/d (56,000m, Anahita Refinery (NIODC), 150,000bbl/d (24,000m, Bahman Geno Refinery (NIODC), 150,000bbl/d (24,000m, Erbil Refinery (KAR Group) Kurdistan, 100,000bbl/d (16,000m, Mirsan Refinery (MIRC Group), Kurdistan 150,000bbl/d (24,000m, Sodegaura Refinery (Fuji Oil Company), 192,000bbl/d (30,500m, Ohita Refinery (Kyusyu Oil), Kyusyu Oil 160,000bbl/d (25,000m, Malaysian Refining Company Sdn Bhd (MRCSB) (, PSR-1, Melaka I Refinery (formerly known as Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd), PSR-2, Melaka II Refinery (formerly operated by Petronas and, Petronas Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd (PP(T)SB) (, Enar Petroleum Refinery Training Facility (, Um Said Refinery (QP Refinery 100%), 147,000bbl/d (23,400m, Laffan Refinery 2 (QatarEnergy 84%, Total 10%, Cosmo 2%, Idemitsu 2%, Mitsui 1% and Marubeni 1%), 146,000 bbl/d, Novoshakhtinsk Oil Refinery, 172,600bbl/d (27,440m, IRPC Refinery (IRPC PLC of PTT), 215,000bbl/d (34,200m, SPRC Refinery (Star Petroleum Refining Company of PTT), 165,000bbl/d (26,200m, Abu Dhabi Refinery (Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company), 85,000bbl/d (13,500m, Fujairah VTTI Refinery (VITOL Group), 80,000bbl/d (13,000m, Fujairah ECOMAR Refinery, 7,500bbl/d (1,190m, Uniper - Fujairah (heavy crude oil flashers), 70,000 BPD, Al Nakheel Oil Refinery ([ANOR]) (closed), Aden Refinery (Aden Refinery Company), 120,000bbl/d (19,000m, Bitex Refinery, Elbasan, Albania, 3,750bbl/d (596m, Bosanski Brod Refinery Nestro, a subsidiary of JSC Zarubezhneft (Russia), 1.5 million tons/annum & 30,000 bbl/day, Dididom oil refinery (DIDIDOM), 60,000 bbl/d (9,500 m3/d), Lavera Oil Refinery (PetroIneos), 210,000 bbl/d (33,300m, Rheinland Werk Wesseling Cologne Refinery (, Elbe Minerallwerke Hamburg-Harburg Refinery (, Lukoil Impianti Sud Refinery (ISAB ERG), 214,000bbl/d (34,000m, Sonatrach Augusta Refinery (formerly Esso Italiana, affiliate of, Lukoil Impianti Nord Refinery (ISAB ERG), 160,000bbl/d (25,000m, Mantova Refinery (IES Italiana), 55,000bbl/d (8,700m, Glimar Refinery (Hudson Oil), 3,400bbl/d (540m, Steaua Roman Cmpina Refinery (Omnimpex Chemicals), 15,000bbl/d (2,400m, Astra Refinery (Interagro), 20,000bbl/d (3,200m. Petrochema Dubov Refinery (Russian investors), Nynshamn Refinery (90,000 bpd refining capacity) (, Gothenburg Refinery (78,000 bpd refining capacity) (, Refinera Petrolera de Acajutla S.A. de C.V. (, Prudhoe Bay Refinery (BP Exploration Alaska Inc by. This massive scam involves the setting up of fake websites for various imaginary Russian oil, energy, mineral, agrochemical, natural gas and coal companies. But some oil . (RON TARVER / Staff Photographer) Read more RON TARVER by Andrew Maykuth Updated Mar 19, 2022 Already have an account? With its headquarter in Russia, RESURS TANKER LLC is an independent operator of midstream and downstream bulk liquid storage facilities for chemicals, oils and refined petroleum products currently owning and operating a global network of terminals with a combined storage capacity of 3 million m. We yaroslav oil & gas is an official oil & gas marketing consultant of petroluem product, and distributing of gasoil d2, jp54 jet fuel kerosene, mazut m100, fuel oil and urea46. The terminal is mainly used to export petroleum products manufactured at the Komsomolsk Refinery, the Angarsk Petrochemical Company, and the Achinsk Refinery. KONTROL SERVIS LLC is a mandate to reputable end seller Refineries here in Russia, Rotterdam & Houston who is capable of supplying all your petroleum products. Lake Charles Refinery (Calcasieu Refining). This is a list of fake refineries working the Russian Oil Scam. 59 Ul. That energy sells at a discount, but Russia is still earning hundreds of billions of dollars from energy sales and thus able to continue its war for as long as Putin wants. Indian refiner Bharat Petroleum Corp. has bought millions of barrels of Russian oil through Trafigura since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to Reuters. This is because Russia . : 236 Powai Plaza Hiranandani Gardens Mumbai 400076, 5407 Manorfield Road Rockville Md 20853 Usa. The fake advance fees are only limited by the scammer's imagination, so keep in mind that ANY request for an advance fee is likely a scam! Sahandsabalankish INT.CO The proximity of the port of Novorossiysk provides convenience in the logistics of our products. Company Name: OJSC Kuibyshev Oil Refinery. Bakersfield Refinery (San Joaquin Refining Co.). We also utilize green technologies: our products are manufactured on environmentally friendly equipment with the use of cold milling technology. Russia is also the second biggest oil producing country after Saudi Arabia and produced 10.04 million barrels of crude oil per day in 2012. 16 Russian Oil Scam Websites. Refiners Cut Russian Oil Imports By Charles Kennedy - Mar 03, 2022, 9:30 AM CST Some of the biggest U.S. importers of Russian crude oil have started suspending their purchases of the. PLASTIC PRODUCTION RESURS TANKER LLC is an independent tank storage provider for the oil and chemical industry. American refinery capacity has been on the decline in recent years, according to Fuels Market News latest Refinery Capacity Report. If you are in this line of trade, please be kind enough to contact us and we will revert back with pur Soft Cooperate Offer and we will deal with all honesty. The German government has seized control of three Russian-owned oil refineries to secure supplies of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel. We produce DETERGENTS 1k7. This massive scam involves the setting up of fake websites for various imaginary Russian oil, energy, mineral, agrochemical, natural gas and coal companies. The Schwedt refinery supplies about 90% of Berlin's fuel and Rosneft Deutschland is one of the largest oil processing companies in the country, accounting for 12% of Germany's oil refining . BUSINESS FUNDING | PROJECT FUNDING | TRADE FUNDING | PPP TRADING, MAXIMUCH is a strategic alliance of approved funding partnerships, registered companies, licensed asset managers, licensed fiduciary, sub-licence and master licence platforms, barristers/ solicitors/ attorneys, investment banks/ trading desks; located in Singapore, Zurich, London and New York, and PPP Trading/ Private Placement Progr. This site uses cookies to provide you with a personalised browsing experience. The Company's Refining Unit operates 13 major refineries in the Russian Federation: Komsomolsk refinery, Angarsk petrochemical company, Achinsk refinery, Tuapse refinery, Kuibyshev refinery, Novokuibyshev refinery, Syzran refinery, Saratov refinery, Ryazan Refinery Company, PJSC ANK BashNeft Refinery Complex (Bashneft-Novoil, Fatty acids are the main raw material in the production of biofuels and feed additives, and are also widely used in the production of paints and varnishes, in the metallurgical and rubber-technical industries. We can supply to your esteemed company LCO - Light Cycle Oil, Diesel EN590 EURO 5/6, Gas Oil D2, ULSD - Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, Mazut M100, Aviation Kerosene JP54, Jet Fuel A1, LNG, LPG, Crude Oil ESPO/REBCO. This report does not attempt to actually measure exposure . Fee stands for operational charges and payment will be TT wire transfer. South Gate Refinery (World Oil Corp., formerly Lunday-Thagard Co.), Savannah Refinery (Nustar Asphalt Refining LLC by, Kapolei Refinery (Par Hawaii Refining, LLC a subsidiary of. On a daily basis the refinery can produce 3.8 million gallons of gasoline, 1.3 million gallons of diesel fuel and 600,000 gallons of jet fuel. You can purchase fatty acids from us both on a self-pickup (EXW) basis and agree upon delivery. Thoroughly read Identifying Obvious Scam Websites If they don't have a website, they are most likely scammers. Manager of the fake Company: Mikhailusmanov Timchenko. We also provide contacts of Reliable Tank Farms offer. The company enjoyed record refining margins thanks to the aforementioned sanctions of western countries on Russia for its invasion in Ukraine. For some countries, the refinery list is further categorized state-by-state. To support the scam, fake government, associations, banks, law firms, tank terminals, shipping companies, and due diligence websites are also set up. We have products on CIF/ FOB basis: JP54, JETFUEL A1, VIRGIN OIL D6, D2, MAZUT, LNG, EN590 10PPM etc. The thought over marketing policy of our company has allowed us to occupying the place in the market of rendering services like carriage of goods by a sea transport in Pacific region. RESURS TANKER LLC (INN 9705039250) has been operating for more than years with the Organization assigned OGRN 1157746447980 and The size of the authorized capital of the organization: 1 000 000 p. Our transportation is in line with other tank farm companies in the Russian Federation and our management charges all oil companies or refineries the necessary bills for storage and handling their products. - lubricants, We are mandates to reputable oil Refineries in the Russian Federation. and its members shall not Germany's economy ministry announced on Friday that it. OAO GASANOV MAGOMED MARDAN OGLI is a vertically integrated oil company, its core activities include: exploration, development, production and sales of crude oil and gas, oil refining, and the sale of petroleum products. such as JP54, D2, D6 and related activities. Moscow 117312 . On behalf of the refinery, we "OOO TRANSSTAL" a Russian multinational energy consulting firm, office in St.Petersburg, specializing in the business of oil, petroleum, and natural gas. To support the scam, fake Russian government, associations, banks, law firms, shipping companies, and due diligence websites are also set up. Our company is engaged in the production of fatty acids of vegetable oils. AO VOSTSIBNEFTEGAZ REFINERY is the leader of Russias petroleum industry and the worlds largest publicly traded petroleum company. Fake documents are sent to the potential victim as further inducement. Wed Feb 09, 2022 7:56 pm. All data is provided for information only. Youtube Downloader. How can we verify the mandate company in russia if it i fraud or real. Our Products: Fuel Oil Diesel Gas Oil Aviation Kerosene Petroleum Gas Natural gas Coke Bitumen Mazut, CST 180 -150 D2, D6, JP54, LPG, LNG, EN590, REBCO, ESPO, Bitumen, Pet Coke Delivery: CIF / FOB. Based in Iraq, - Industry, we own a lot of production lines (medical and laboratory supplies production line, sterile water production line, biscuit production line, plastic production line, carton production line) homestead high school staff. Kindly contact us with our information below for soft co-operate offer SCO. Sector-48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, HR 122018, IN. - Emulsifiers The list appears in one of their December issues. ", "Upon the Verification of the above documents by the Buyer, The buyers pays via T/T Wire transfer of the total Vessel Charter Fees to re-route the course of the Vessel Tanker to the buyer's discharge port.". Number and Capacity of Petroleum Refineries", "U.S. The Dutch refinery, 45 percent owned by Lukoil, declined to comment on whether it was using Russian crude oil. 28 To support the scam, fake. MR. MUKHAMETSHIN ZHALIL GABDRAKHMANOVICH To support the scam, fake government, associations, banks, law firms, tank terminals, shipping companies, and due diligence websites are also set up. MAKAROVA, d. 19, Legal form Limited liability companies. Refineries will receive a maximum payment of 1.8 cents per litre when the margin they make per barrel of oil falls to $7.30. The following list are included the companies and subdivisions that are not authorized to sell and purchase or have criminal or legal cases ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. 2796 Views. Please do not try to defame anyone out of spite or grudge. Realized refining margins more than doubled sequentially, from $21.9 per barrel to $46.7 per barrel, and thus the operating income of the refining segment grew from $140 million to $3.1 billion. The number then forwards the call to anywhere in the world: so any telephone number beginning with 7-495 should be considered very suspicious! For Serious Buyer/ Buyer mandate with FULL POP We are direct mandate to a Russian Oil Refinery and we have available JP54, D6, D2, mazut and JETA1, for you/your buyer urgent lifting and if you are a direct mandate to buyer Kindly Contact us via (usmanovoilandgas60@ mail. EU foreign ministers failed to agree on Monday on . Some List of Scam Refineries SibirTranzitNeft by Vasily Vlasov tel 791698691 ZAO Sorcont Oils SibirNeft Icon Oil by Mr. Shateav tel 749550690 OOO Integral tel 749597114 OOO Rucas Oil&Gas by Mr. M. Petrovich OAO AchinskNeft by Yury Kosyuk tel 790300630 OAO Ruslaneft Co LTD tel 792673259 NikitOil by Nikita Ivanovich TatNeft tel 749551834 - oils for commercial and commercial vehicles; These scammers will state that such payment or fees are "customary." Having a strict policy of rigorous checks on account changes can go a long way to solving the problem. Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom, etc. It is about 45 pages in length, and updated each year with additions, deletions, name changes, capacity changes and other refinements. Future Capital Services LLC Co Many of these fake oil companies use virtual numbers which are VOIP numbers that one can set up from their computer. No real Russian refinery would have registered a website less than a month ago. We are in the petroleum trade representing seller(Refinery) who is subsidiary to major refinery producing BITUMEN, LNG, LPG, JP54, REBCO, UREA, AGO, GASOLINE, GASOIL D2, CST180, BASE OIL ETC. Corporate Office & Display Center :Al-islam Chamber(2nd Floor) 91 284 El. Duramax money transfer, escrow, fake job, cryptocurrency, non delivery, trunk box, identity theft or romance scams now. And we are an direct registered mandate with major oil refinery in russia federation. Keep in mind that the scammers create fake government sites every day so this list is not complete! General Director Our main market operation: Sales & Marketing of our products alocation and to refine products and to provide Tank storage for our clients. Garnec: Other food for the whole family. We have a wide range of products on offer and our prices are the most competitive in the industry. We are a certified and authorized mandate that supply Oil and Gas products to buyers and consumers. The most prevalent of the scams in the commodities and trading sector has been the trend of email hacking and faking. The purpose is to induce the victim into paying advance fees for non-existent oil or other commodities. YES ARM .Co .LLC fake definition: 1. an object that is made to look real or valuable in order to deceive people: 2. someone who is. Products, has offers are available for Re-sellers and Majors as well. They are not! We can supply to your esteemed company LCO - Light Cycle Oil, Diesel We engage in The London Bullion Market Association suspended all six Russian gold and silver refineries from its Good Delivery List following sanctions imposed by the U.S., European Union and U.K. on the. Please read: and Do not click on any links to the actual websites as they may contain malware. The Schwedt refinery is Germany's fourth-largest and is the main supplier of petrol, diesel and aviation fuel for Berlin and the surrounding area. It may not be copied or distributed by any third party unless explicitly authorized by, Help us in the fight against scams and scammers by sharing any details you have of fake websites, 419, sextortion, Top 5 ongoing refinery projects in the Gulf region. money transfer, escrow, fake job, cryptocurrency, non delivery, trunk box, identity theft or romance scams now. Address: SSGC GTI Building, Karachi Terminal, Opposite Safari Park, Main University Road, Gulshan-e-lqbal, Karachani-75300 Sindh, Pakistan, PABX. (Origin Russia) Gasoline - gasoline Asphalt -bitumen Mazut -100=m-100 LPG -liquefied gas of petroleum LNG - natural gas Jet Fuel - airplaine kerosene D-2 - Diesel ILCO - Iranian Light Crude Oil (Origin Iran) Refined Products, Gas Oil JET FUEL JP1A Colonial grade 54 GAS OIL D2 Russia ) AGO and REBCO.into sales and supply of products for international global market purpose with competitive prices in line with the export standard. WE PROVIDE SUPPORT SERVICES FOR BUSINESSES NOT INCLUDED IN OTHER CATEGORIES, COORDINATES AND REGULATE CRUDE RELATED ACTIVITIES FOR BUYERS. Typically the hackers then advise Party A that the payment account details have been changed and Party A transfers sums to the wrong account. kindly contact us with our information below for soft cooperate offer SCO. Ramix Shipping SA You can update your choices at any time in your settings. Fake documents are sent to the potential victim as further inducement. Multy-Leon LTD Petro Global By using this site you agree to our use of cookies as explained in our Cookie Policy.

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