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Vision 2020 is a collaborative effort to ensure that our community is ready to meet the demands of new economic growth opportunities. To date, we have brought together leaders in education, workforce development, and industry to develop a plan that will propel our high-tech economy into the future. The results have been amazing.

Since we launched Phase One in August of 2013, progress has been made in three key areas — Education and Training, Access to Opportunity, and Housing.

  • There were more student internships than ever before.
  • New academic programs have been created in high demand areas, like emerging technologies, cyber security, and healthcare.
  • Programs and paths have been created to connect English as a Second Language students and workers with job opportunities.
  • Changes in housing policies and adoption of tax incentives (485a) have accelerated development and made it more attractive than ever to live in Oneida County.
These are just a few examples of Vision 2020’s impact.

As Phase One implementation continues, we have expanded Vision 2020 and launched Phase Two, which is focused on developing solutions to our transportation needs.

Our transportation amenities will consider the needs of everyone, from the new millennial workforce to senior citizens, and those who desire or need alternatives to traditional auto travel to move about the county.

As you navigate the pages of this website, you will find more on the progress of the Vision 2020 Initiative over the past two years and action items for 2016.

We have, in this community today, a momentum the likes of which I’ve never seen before, and this is the roadmap to our future.

-Anthony J. Picente Jr.
Oneida County Executive

Vision 2020 Mission: Oneida County’s Vision 2020 Initiative will cultivate, attract and empower skilled workers, and will foster an entrepreneurial spirit and the renewal of our communities.

Vision 2020 Guiding Principles

  • Each recommendation will be supported by research and data.
  • All strategies and tactics will be designed to support the needs of a new economy, including job creation, education, housing, and diversity needs of future employers.
  • Established milestones will be immediately actionable and built to support long-term needs.

As a result, the following are action plans that:

  • Are guided and resourced by Oneida County government.
  • Maximize available resources.
  • Achieve an optimum blend of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide a set of recommended strategies and tactics to optimally position the County for economic growth in the very near future.